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We didn't mind anymore the property so we left behind which is we were just concerned all our lives and there are so many like her settling into temporary shelters this evening I'm worried about what's next you know what what lies ahead their lives have been upended and this is far from over well it I mean if it's far from over what what are we talking about here I mean what what is the danger right now from from the volcano still well that you know the there's great uncertainty here because the speed with which it xcelerated took the scientists by surprise it was in this low level what they call on rest since last year but it's suddenly rumbled to life Sunday blasting steam and ash and pebbles and repeated that again today in plumes that the government said were a quarter of a mile and a quarter mile high and winds are caring those caring that ash north to Manila the roads are carpeted with ash the air quality is disintegrating all it disintegrates very fast as you travel toward the volcano and so does the visibility everybody's wearing masks even forty miles away from it they're wearing masks the volcano David went from level one alert to level four in just a matter of hours Sunday and today it continues to creep up and the government scientists say that means that a major explosion could happen within hours or days the soils are close to five hundred flights are suspended the people being told to stay indoors just remind me that there's a history of volcanoes in the Philippines right highly active region for earthquakes and volcanoes the Philippines sits on the Pacific ring of fire the seismically active arc that extends from Japan to Indonesian you might remember mount Pinatubo I'm also on the island of Luzon erupted in nineteen ninety one and killed more than eight hundred people they hope that the evacuations all the precautions they're taking are going to avert any kind of level of of any any any any sort of of disaster that level but the country is on pins and needles it sounds like it have hers Julie.

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