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Isn't and they caused harm long after application these things begin to disappear will take me through the scientific studies that have shown the relationship between neo knicks and be declines so at this point there there's something like one thousand five hundred different studies that have been conducted and reviewed and this is the evidently basis for the position that the scientific community is taking on this to basically say that every single new nicotinamide pesticide is demonstrated to harm be populations in one way or another when i say be populations i don't just mean honeybees i mean also bumblebees and other kinds of wild bees that are critical for pollination like mason bees which are very common in canada and europe so we've seen experimental evidence that was very carefully conducted in canada and europe great big field trials sometimes even funded by the chemical industry that demonstrate that bees reproductive capacity begins to disappear when neo knicks are applied and honey bee populations begin to fade away worker life expectancies begin to drop very sharply and when you put all of this evidence together the case i'm afraid has become quite clear that neo knicks are very harmful to insects that really benefit agriculture what's at stake if the continuing use of these pesticides kills off the bees i think it's very important for us to remember that about one out of every three bites of food that we consume is a consequence of the activities of pollinating species like bs there are something like eight hundred b species in canada losing these bee populations either.

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