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Nation of s. What teeny where. The king is cracking down on the largest protests since the country snow swaziland became independent from britain. Fifty three years ago. seem real. Corby we have seen recordings where police and the military were literally beating shooting killing. Unarmed civilians unarmed. Ms want on the street. As i speak now there are currently more than fifty people who have died and within those victims they. Young missed is fourteen years old. Plus we get the latest on the fight over voting rights as republicans in texas unveil a host of new voter suppression measures. During a special session and president biden and vice president harris take on voter suppression issues in washington. Stay with welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org the warren peace report. I made me goodman president. Joe biden says the us military will complete its withdrawal from afghanistan by august. Thirty first nearly two weeks ahead of the previous september eleventh deadline speaker from the white house. Thursday biden said it would be up to afghans to determine their own future nearly two decades after the us led invasion and occupation. We did not go to afghanistan to nation build and it's the right type and the responsibility of afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. I will not send another generation. Americans to warn afghanistan with no reasonable expectation. Achieving a different outcome a taliban delegation in moscow said friday. The group now controls over eighty five percent of afghan territory. The taliban has surrounded population centers. Captured a key. Afghan border crossing with iran and holds more than two-thirds of afghanistan's border with gca in haiti to haitian americans are among seventeen suspects arrested over. Wednesday's assassination of precedent giovanelli mois haitian authorities said a team of twenty eight heavily armed salads. Twenty six of whom were colombian carried out the operation. They said at least three suspects were killed and eight. Remain at large colombia's defense minister. Confirm some of the men are former members of colombia's military one of the two. Us citizens arrested in. Haiti is haitian american. James salaj the head of the maintenance repair company and florida. Little is known about the second. Haitian american suspect. Joseph and sent from the miami area the world health organization says africa suffered. Its worst week since the start of the covid. Nineteen pandemic with cases of the delta corona virus variant surging in countries. Where almost no one has had access to vaccines in namibia. Nine senior government officials have died of covid nineteen over the last two weeks has hospitals have been overrun by new cases. Namibian now has one of the world's highest infection rates tunisia's care system is collapsing as the north african nation logs. Nearly ten thousand positive tests a day. Corona virus cases are rising again in the united states led by clusters and areas with low vaccination rates white house corona virus response coordinator jeff science on thursday urged people to get vaccinated to stop the spread of the delta corona virus variant virtually all covid nineteen hospitalizations and deaths in the united states are now occurring among unvaccinated individuals. And to be clear there will likely continue to be an increasing cases among unvaccinated americans and in communities with low vaccination rates particularly given the spread of the more transmissible delta. Variant fire said thursday. It's tweaking its covid. Nineteen vaccine formula to create a shot that targets the delta variant pfizer sauce so planning to request emergency authorization in the united states next month. For a booster shot of its vaccine saying early studies showed a third dose raise neutralizing antibody levels in patients on thursday the centers for disease control and the fda the food and drug administration issued a rare joint statement saying they won't rely exclusively on drug company data to make a decision on booster shots. Texas republicans are doubling down in their efforts to suppress voting rights as they unveiled a host of new restrictive measures during a special session thursday. The bills include a ban on drive thru voting and twenty four hour or late night voting options they would penalize election officials who make voting easier by sending out unsolicited absentee applications. The measures would also impose stringent signature matching requirements and increase the power of partisan poll observers which can result in intimidation the new restrictions which disproportionately target voters of color come after texas democratic lawmakers staged a walkout in late may to block the republican controlled legislature from passing a sweeping voter suppression. Bill will have more on this story. After headlines fifteen states have agreed to abandon their fight to block the bankruptcy plan of purdue pharma the maker of the highly addictive oxycontin in exchange purdue release tens of millions of documents pay a settlement expected to reach four point. Five billion dollars and the sackler family will agree to cede ownership of purdue the deal which includes the states of new york and massachusetts which shield the sackler from future opioid lawsuits. The sackler family will not have to apologize or admit responsibility for their role in fueling the opioid epidemic which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives nine other states in washington. Dc still oppose this week's agreement on are expected to keep fighting the sackler bankruptcy plan. President biden met with top cybersecurity advisors this week as the white house vowed to address mounting attacks with russian officials bloomberg reports russian government. Hackers are behind a breach of republican national committee contractor last week though the source of the cyberattack has not been confirmed the breach happened around the same time. A massive global ransomware attack compromised hundreds of businesses and localities in the us and around the world russia's denied responsibility for the hacks in bangladesh. At least fifty two people have been killed after a massive fire broke out a food processing factory outside the capital. Dhaka thursday many workers jumped from the factories upper floors this the inferno blaze throughout the night and into the next day. It's unclear how many people remain trapped inside. The cause of the fire is not yet known but such disasters are not uncommon due to poor or unheated safety regulations and factories in residential buildings. Spanish police have arrested. Three suspects connected to the beating. Death of a young gay man who's killing set off massive protests in madrid bar and other cities throughout spain twenty four year old nursing assistant somewhere. Louise died after. He was beaten near a nightclub early saturday in a town in northern spain. One of his attackers was heard shouting homophobic slur. The killing brought tens of thousands of demonstrators into the streets less than a week after spain's annual pride celebrations by the michigan countries. Still does not really accept that there are many different ways to love. It should not be possible that just because a person decides to his life loving person of the same gender or loving ever. He ends up losing his life. New european european parliament voted thursday to suspend funding to hungary over its new law banning the depiction of homosexuality to children saying it violates e values principles and law. The vote came one day after the law. Equating homosexuality with. Pedophilia went into effect in the occupied west bank. Israeli forces have destroyed homes in the palestinian bedouin community for the seventh time since november claiming they were built without permits. A palestinian authority officials said wednesday's demolition left. Dozens of people. Homeless including thirty five. Children had this is evidence that the occupation state is carrying out state-sponsored.

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