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Are going to have to keep Ohio State contain Haskins. Here's why I think Ohio State probably wins the game and probably can open it up sometime in the game because it's on turf, it's indoors. So the weather factor, which I think would definitely favor northwestern. Remember, the games they play in Evanston, high grass there. They don't cut Michigan Ohio state the teams with speed come in there at hi there. No, cutting grass. They don't care this is on artificial turf. And when you see guys like Peres Campbell and MacLaurin and Johnny Dixon K jail. You saw these guys last week against Michigan. They turned the corner, and then you've got Dobbins and Weber, and here's the trick for me for Ohio State. And I said this early. Early in the season. When Dwayne Haskins runs the ball. So in other words when he runs it just a little bit. And he's been doing that the last couple of games, then the run pass option is real because there's been a couple of times because you were so used as just seeing them fake it. And then pass the now all of a sudden you gotta look for him to run because he's done that a couple of times in its trick the heck out of the defense. So he's got seven rushing touchdowns. But our I'm sorry for four rushing touchdowns. One hundred twenty seven yards total on the year. But a lot of that's been in the last couple of games. He's thrown for over four thousand forty two touchdowns and seven interceptions love that ratio there. But I really liked the speed that Campbell and MacLaurin engage AL these guys they have the speed. So even though my heart wants northwestern. I would think the buckeyes are going to win. Remember that game is later because the all the Oklahoma Texas game is the early game. And then the Bama game comes. But unless Georgia beats Bama, Ohio states thinking as long as Oklahoma plays a close game with Texas. Even if they win we can get more style points if we just blow out northwestern. Remember, Ohio State did that a couple of years ago when they beat Wisconsin fifty nine nothing. So they know style points are going to count big time. I still don't think they're going to jump Oklahoma. Unless Oklahoma struggles navy gets a one two three point win against Texas. You might see it because the buckeyes carry clout now what about the off the field shenanigans from earlier this year was ax myth urban Meyer. Now, you're wondering people feel sorry for Meyer. He's got the SIS on the brain. He's just I don't know. Some tells me though, Oklahoma gets in if they win again, that's assuming Bama beats Georgia. But I'm one of the few people and Corey Allen is well who was going to join me. But we feel that, you know, Georgia's got a fighting chance in this. I'd say maybe thirty percent that they beat Alabama. Which is a heck a lot better than anybody else has had you know, LSU going into the game. Remember LSU beat Georgia. But in that game down in the bayou first off, let's remember this. Let's remember Georgia turned it over four times. And in the fake field goal. Look I was on LSU that game is great game. You go back to the offense. Would they put up two hundred fifty yards LSU Georgia, you.

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