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Feasible then will come to a decision about whether we should actually do it or not luchino had no intention of allowing shell to kill julie but he realized that his former stablemate was too hot headed to brush off so luchino humored schultz and commissioned the mobs top hitman albert on a stage it to scope out a hit on doing albert anastasia is one of the leading assassins in something called murder inc which is kind of the enforcement arm of the commission they're the ones who actually carry out the hits that are ordered by the commission and albert anastasia is actually a very clever hitman and he comes up with the idea that he's going to keep an eye on thomas dewey and to do this he sort of recruits some little child probably one of the show a son of a gangster puts them on a tricycle and has them sort of bike up and down the sidewalk in front of thomas dewey house in new york city so anybody looking on would assume that albert was just sort of a you know doting thaw other spending some quality time with his son before work thomas do he certainly doesn't notice so albert's our tracks movements figures out when he leaves the house how many bodyguards he has where he goes and without too much you know hassle from his bodyguards or anything so albert makes us report back to the commission saying entirely feasible to kill thomas dewey it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to actually have me do it dutch thought he got the goahead well short is initially delighted to hear this report from albert anaesthesia saying well here's a way we could actually kill thomas dewey he's thinking great you know we can get this guy off my back but then as thomas repetto explains luchino talked to the other bosses that luciano said if he kills dewey bring the whole world down around the world on us we can't let him do them schultz was desperate to knock dewey out but the.

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