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Day when they all how to just sort of circle the carre center forgoing alley know when they get a knock on the door that they stay put in hotel rooms and david baker the president of the hall of fame knocks on their door and the use that his video to send out uh and then they are brought to the nfl honors haul back in this day when i was the mc at a conference room at the pro football fame when we started to broadcast this moment at the nfl network players would just be somewhere in the vicinity anywhere warren moon i do believe i forget which hot which super oregon he draw leaves driving around town and we would have to wait for them to make their way to the conference center and it was a total you know i would say that hope joe as we call joe horrigan ib hall people right saw hey wor are you if you're in town come and other times he would call somebody at home and then we would conference them in i would interview them alive on the air while standing at a podium in a conference room at a a conference a convention center now it's all done at nfl honors um real real quick and pennsylvania you're you're in the rich eisen show have about a minute for your bryant what's going on man i'll nommik dealers plan will come lungs we can take now not only planning a quarterback but i like to give recalling commit because build new cajones or say what you think reach for the for the steelers yeah all you want to talk draft you've got you've got some business to take care of bryant early man i'm not worried about them do could go right she then on to thinking what's your ankle issue we pay too we take uh required smith in federal quarterback avenia lie becker she who may not come back man i'm concerned he balloons championships i know do you think nah appreciate it pry look you might be pickens 32 overall soil i you know that now that's water scheme behind yachts right there you got yourself three winds to winning at all thanks the call bryant you know what i i kinda light dobbs let's see what you have in him don't you think greater alberto air ten and say look the.

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