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It's like normal people should consider No. So what I would say is that anything that has to do it? Cryptocurrency is what I would consider an alternative asset And that if you are at the point of your portfolio where you're well diversified, you have a small slice of what we call play money, You know, kind of the same kind of thing that you might take to Vegas and you're okay with losing it all. That it's okay to put, you know, a small portion. And these these kind of fliers as we refer to them the way that I have played it thus far is if you think about the actual gold rush that happened back in the day instead of being the minor. You wanna be the guy who sells the picks and shovels because it doesn't matter which minor strikes gold you're selling. So all of them so I like the services play. I like the exchanges where these air traded because it doesn't matter which one win. They're still getting the fees so that that's how we've invested in. But we have been looking. Um more at a couple of them. Particularly it's Siri, Um, which has some functionality behind it as well. It's not justice. Photo quote CURRENCY But there's sort of the smart contracts that it can enable. But not but not in any meaningful way. Carol Ross, Ladies and gentlemen, did I not tell you she's the sharpest person we have buy her book, The War on Small business. Thank you, Carol. You're the best. Thanks. Dad faces more. Me next missed.

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