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Is right when Mike Vick was right and Mike Vick was healthy a Mike Vick was engaged in Mike Vick was I was the second half to score here and and what he did an incredible talent I've always believed that and I I believe it even stronger now watching with Andy Reid is done with Patrick Mahomes even watch with David but Alex Smith we don't do that without a doubt I truly believe if Mike Vick had been drafted here to Philadelphia he came out at the draft during the draft two thousand one and let's say the eagles that have Donovan or whatever they need a quarterback if if they can't Atlanta here in Philadelphia with Andy Reid from day one it more maybe a stable environment no I don't know what happened is life I don't know if the dog fighting ring still happens I I don't know if if he goes off the rails that way but if you put Mike Vick in Philadelphia from day one of his career with any reasons coach and if we could get you know go on an alternate reality where he doesn't get in trouble he makes different choices off the field I believe my fix the whole thing the guy I think that the talent was there it when he was driving a little bit what Andy and then a little bit with chip I mean it was just it was it on stoppable force what about the draft right now it was I really was it was hit or miss there were not many great first rounders that year I was the eagles first because Freddie Mitchell which tells you what you need to L. Vick went one Lithuanian Tomlinson with five Richard Seymour six that's a pretty outstanding one two one one five and six but then the guys like Leonard Davis not great Gerard Warren bad David Terrell the receiver went eight Koren Robinson receiver went nine a defensive end Jamal Reynolds with ten that was a weird draft hit or miss yeah I got a steep touch the whole affair with seventeen so some great and some not so great but Vick of course number one overall and I had some great moments here two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four Austin is in Villanova Hey Austin H. A. R. L. good buddy what's up tonight hello hi the interviews are gonna win I'm not that ridiculous within a veto right these are going to win but they were awful and their time in Philadelphia follow up with Michael Saunders who played you played three months for the Phillies and twenty seventeen he had a thirteen walks and at fifty five fifty one strikeouts in three months he had an OPS of just over six hundred and he would hit zero three in those in those three months before being before being deactivated and cut eventually three days later but local put bay at the at the top on it was that a week before he got cut current accident there on the podium in so that he can carry the offense for months at a time before cutting a weekly Austin I remembered and it could be amazing part it should have given us a clue to like even when Klentak has maybe a clever idea it's just not gonna work out for him so the whole idea of signing that guy was you know he has a couple decent years in Toronto and I think the idea was to bring the Philadelphia maybe he can hit well in the first half and they would trade them because they were any good that you're right you trade the trade deadline get a prospect and it's not only do they not do that like you said he was so bad they just caught up like it turn it went from all we can get something for him to he's so bad we have to just kind of now like it was just awful absolutely and the other one get a long way in but I think it's hilarious how value and Amir Johnson they gave out weeks of wrangling will give a one year deal to for eleven million dollars now because it wasn't bad in his silence really did you have a a bill a percentage of like like above fifty percent which is good limited dot right hand he got everything he wasn't doing a lot of you know inside play with more outside with him but the fact that you got eleven million dollars as well as average under five points a game and under three rebounds per game is ridiculous especially when you think about the fact that they kind of find a a shot creator it could help them in a playoff series against the Celtics instead when they couldn't really move and your last year at the same time and cost and everything yeah when you think back to the worst allocation a salary cap in the we've ever seen on a left here for that season of Amir Austin it's as bad as you come up with us and I appreciate the call I don't expect to hear of your night it wasn't bad enough to to get on this list but when you bring up the salary cap thing that works his first year I thought he was all right I did a play defensively while the first year we we knew we wasn't an offense player I mean I mean the the worst part I think the thing will be remembered for most is bringing his cell phone on to the band during the Brooklyn Sir I forgot about that I I I I blanked on that that's a big a mere moment and obviously they they won that series going away and it kind of ends up being a joke afterwards but I mean that was a huge story here when it happened is a bad look the other for the other they Michael Saunders answer I've all I've had this theory on my arm Macklin techno for a while I don't think Clint tak has bad ideas I actually think sometimes he has good theories on what he should do with the team but every it's almost like George Costanza in Seinfeld what is it about mac let's take that every I every instinct he has turned out to be wrong like you go back twenty seventeen the idea of signing Michael Saunders and a one year deal hopefully it's the moments the first African tender once a left handed bat boom you put in for a prospect that that makes sense it didn't work click click textile thing is I this ideas like see I think Swinton see what he sees and then it doesn't work if this is happening over and over and over again in two thousand eighteen he try to upgrade I mean a lot of changes right they trade pressure Booker Brera Wilson Rameau's the team gets worse after the trades here he traded for two years ago injured guys and he's given up nothing at the trade deadline Corey Dickerson and Rameau's in theory I could see it right you're not giving up anything you get potential all star caliber player and a both years neither guy really stay healthy enough to help at all I really think in the Charlie Morton thing Quentec sign Charlie Morton before anyone else realize yes ability he threw really well you're got hurt instead of resigning the let go to Houston and he's put a baseball's best pitchers for three years that Michael Saunders is such an odd acquisition because he was an all star of the year but I know and he had to ninety eight the first half of twenty sixteen yet yet sixteen home runs forty two RBIs OPS and nine twenty three then the second half of twenty sixteen at one seventy they that is then and then and that was it and he stayed there the rest of that next year was out of baseball Austin's right brought up that that comment about Clint tacky well he said this guy can carry an offense a week later he was gone two one five five nine two nine four nine four Stephen Wilmington is up without Steve are you good see what's on your mind tonight well about wars five five four one wow you have fun certainly belongs on the what list now read okay the other one about J. T. Realmuto yeah what do you think well I think we need to keep them why can't we do this for years with a two year extension it's like a team option you mean like an option on the end of it yeah well you could I mean I I think I think it is the Phillies probably want to do something like what you're saying Steve to kind of mitigate the risk a little bit but but here's the thing if he demands six years what are they going to DO they either give it to one of them go to free agency well would be challenger tank because we lost our minor league catcher we have no choice well they did that you know what that's probably how the the aging feels removed telling that's probably how he feels and maybe they feel it is a dangerous spot to be and see if you feel like you have no choice you're going to overpay for something I don't think so because rail meters right the best catcher in baseball and he's going to be.

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