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This morning. Southbound I twenty five has been filled with problems you got a crash southbound I twenty five at twenty it's actually the exit lane of the HOV onto southbound I twenty five jamming up both the HOV an the highway because everybody's looking at the highway drive. And then southbound I twenty five stays heavy all the way into the center. We had a crash early this morning. Southbound I twenty five at Colorado. They're still maybe a car on the left shoulder because of that crash and now a new five car crash right at the exit university at one point Denver fire was blocking that exit ramp if they're still there if you can go go proactive are you can get off the exit before. But otherwise go down to Colorado. Oh, and then loop back around the university of you're going to you looks like your Dr this morning, though is heavy out of downtown. Because of that latest accident at after downing at university on southbound I twenty five blocking a couple of right lanes. You've got a crash eastbound, I seventy Quebec that's in the cleanup stages. Eastbound I seventy at I twenty five that's also in the cleanup stages that was over on the left shoulder or your eastbound route. You're battle that bright sun this morning, and it is super bright as you make your way eastbound on I seventy or sixth avenue into doubt down your three hundred five drive through the area. And of course, see four seventy across highlands ranch. Westbound seaport seventy heavy along the foothills drivers forty approaching two eighty-five. You've got a real busy drive in the Aurora area to southbound two five heavy before you get the Parker road park road is loaded up. Cherry creek dam road is pretty busy a lot of folks on arapahoe to so anywhere. You want to go to seventy I seventy six downtown tech center. It's going to be a very busy dry for years. We try to get to work. This report is sponsored by the T J Martell foundation. The T J Martell foundation music's province for. A cure to learn more. Visit tjmartelLorg dot org. That's tjmartelLorg dot org. Next update seven forty KOA..

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