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Guess what you would need the size ragging writes, you would need it. If you were going to render a higher VR VR headsets Lutely, maybe that's that's the way of them to say if we can push out AK pixel, then we could render at high frame rate enough for a much higher. You have You to have wonder. to wonder how how much does VR way in their pricing. Veins sold for million care. The care. They sold ninety million PS force that is a small percentage of their base. My guess is that the attach rate for people who VR headsets is way better than the attach rate for the other six million only a couple more beat savers. Right. It's been successful for them. I hope that it is a major part of their strategy because PS VR is solid platform is just lacks what use use existing controller. Exactly. Yeah. It was kind of an afterthought. And if they could do it from the ground up with well tracked controllers, and like the headsets already decent. But if they could boost to something massive like four K or even eight that'd be awesome. Well, and and here's the other thing. That's interesting is like right now PS VR is a kind of fracture platform in that. If you're a Dev in your building a game like falcon came out last week is really really neat. Check it off VR. Yeah. If you don't have like, they built it for move controllers with the are dual shock four with VR and. Also will shop for with normal TV. So they have essentially three different games in three different mechanisms they had to build does for. It's really complicated. It'd be really nice in a future generation if they said, okay PSBR is this some hand controllers that track in all three dimensions. Not just to and kind of the third and that's the platform for going forward. I I would I would hope that they do that. Yes. So the developers can choose dual shock. But assume that everybody has access to the move. So they can just build stuff for you gotta bundle. It makes more sense final the hand controllers with headset with not necessarily with whatever PlayStation is right. Yeah. So the rumor I heard about this story is that wired had access to some leak, and oh they were gonna publish anyway, and they were going to publish anyway. And that's I heard that from a couple of different places. So this wasn't part of a plan. So this may not have been part of a concerted role outta the other thing. Timing wise is not twenty nineteen. I don't think that's a surprise. And they're not even doing keynote at three. Yeah. Like looking look everybody's bailing. Eighty-three sounds like looking at the looking at the timing on seven nanometer right now. Like how much how much seven nanometer chips, you can buy keep sagging czar, Jeremy.

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