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To hold find happiness now I hope hi Max Max Graham how can I help he thinks it's too late it's not with everything that he's going through I hope he sees a counselor I just want my brother back I hope to get help I'm hoping things would get better on their own he told me to stop asking I didn't then one day he asked for a ride help is knowing their other families just like yours that the veterans they love god help and recovered could make the connection dot net intern hope into action the police called after midnight when they called a son at a drinking party it was a real wake up call my wife and I are really worried we don't know if a son has a serious problem or he just hanging around with the wrong crowd how do we know what to do the police officer who brought us on home suggested we try Alan on family groups he said it might help to hero other parents dealing with alcohol problems I didn't want to go to an al anon meeting I didn't want anyone to think we had problems like that and I didn't think us on the problem was that bad when I decided to give Alan on a try I found it was a safe place to keep your problems private it was very helpful are you troubled by someone else's drinking you might be surprised at what you could learn in an element family from people just like you call one eight eight eight four.

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