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I know that news broke over the holidays. So might have got some people. But you know, we are switching networks in January. And you know, that's for sure Ted says this channel six oh, four on direct TV. Thank you. So there you go. It'll give courage for God's sakes. Already thinking star. Jesus are. Hey, look, Josh -joyed catching we've buddy you don't are this cover serendipitous day. We lose a great friend Jean Oakland. And you know, I'll tell you closing his he'll never be replaced that role is gone to pretty pretty young women, seemingly our our guys that are ex wrestlers that don't have a clue how to lead somebody without getting the cells over, but gene was the ultimate he always the segments. Always better when he was in it, and you always came out of it better than when the segment started in my opinion. So he's a cool due to funny that the, you know, Josh, the only thing is down fall. And I said there's talking cheek is he loved being one of the boys. Yeah. Yeah. He really did. In the one thing that I'll regret is. I never got to play golf with, gene. We talked about a latte, and I got to play with Pat Patterson once in Phoenix, I never got to play with, gene. And I would hear stories about his club in Florida and some of the rules or the lacks of rules that were at that club that I think I would have a lot of fun down there with him. I did hear you made Pedersen's voter floater, but this point. The. All right, buddy. Hey, listen, hope you had a great holiday have a have a big time weekend and call the dogs as they say, maybe until till calloused to give you some for change, you know, bring some God almighty big executive now globally. He still got curious share the water. He's everywhere. Don is he's in he left for Tokyo today, and he'll be back in national on the fifth. And I think we're gonna have dinner on on Saturday. But JR thank you almost wish you a happy birthday as well. Thanks, buddy. Appreciate it. Listen, break a leg. I'll be watching. Yes. There are Sunday homecoming live on pay per view. Please join us on a cable. Join us there in Nashville. Join us on the fight amp. And it's going to be a helmet show. I have a great time today on the program been fun. Good show. Kinda melancholy at times Don about gene okra, no one on Wednesday. I got a call from Alex Mets, the producer bust open radio channel ninety three on Sirius XM, and I jumped on with the David Greco and bully Ray AK beret, one of those damn Dudley's and talked about gene, George it. Kind of cathartic thought about gene a lot driving up here today. Just can't believe he's gone. So what's gonna have it? All right, folks. It's going to have all those. But he sure loved the we ask you for not not a lot here to rate..

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