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Looks at her mother with gratitude as well as oles revulsion. She's divided because but while i'm nursing i think about your grandma taking those two weeks off to boil me soup. And as you and put lotion on your skin so careers actually grateful for what mother is done but doesn't quite know how to handle that. Divide that that's a universal diamanti. Senate david we're very grateful for our parents. And their deep love for us at a deep and abiding love. But sometimes in an his falke it takes too. Dangerous form with coronas mother. Some of it's wonderful and some of the foods my mother who may win all his pregnant and i did have a therapeutic effect. I felt my toes. My fingers warming up when she cooked meals. Various ginger face issues Scientific fridge to some of the mother's not educated and houma is why superstitious. And when you get. It's not just coach role among southeast asians. It happens in any kind of child. Parent relationship may be if the parents said quite religious. If the parents believe there are certain things they do for the good of that child that we as society probably would frown upon. What's that there to stop that erin from emplacing. That believes hlg. So basically that's what about we are going to have to bring the interview to name in the epilogue. There is an encounter between karuna and right the father of the child we will leave it for the reader to find out half that encounter pans out. But the walt whitman line i celebrate myself is how the book ends. Do you think karuna has managed to achieve agency the very end of the novel. Some form of agency david. He used folk. You still sixteen. She's still as an adult and she still she her mother still in her loss of but she has achieved some sort of agency It in many different ways. Financial ritual terms of her relationship with her mother and child psychologist. Leave it up to the reader to sell these things. Well it's a fascinating read. The author is allah's pool. The novel is one hundred days and it's a black ink release so atlas. Thank you very much for talking with mayday. Thank you sign much. David david thank you. You've been listening to a podcast produced in the studios of independent community radio station three cr in melbourne australia for more information. Go to all the ws dot three dot org dot edu..

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