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It can get said like. Oh i i did Brittany furlan's podcast. The i think she stopped doing called the worst. Or whatever and i go to her house or was like one of the worst thing or something and i go to her house. I've never met her. Before was tommy lee's house oaths righteous She married him married other still together. Yeah they're happily married. Josh out of myers ex. Yeah i know for your ex girlfriend to start dating. Tommy lee and very clearly her. She's like like who stank though. You actually know hooper stank trying to think of a funny band. That i don't know silence those uber's thank maybe it is. I don't know i called. I called him Who was dunk. You're big on The heavy metal cruise with big joe. Kherson you on that one. Oh my god. I bombed so hard. But i'm frenzel papa roach now and who think sevenfold on that. Now they're seven dust was there. Though that's jay's favor band is about shuttled bend. Oh really yeah. I don't know them either. I got him right. Pre release of their album wants first birthday. It is funny like our friends are such kind of like nerds and fans of like. I'm not fans of things. I feel bad. I think i was like a hater about that stuff. Like when people would be like you know especially the earlier ones like when girls are like. I love telling my kid. Do you love her. Use it how to talk and make a public apology. Why because he started like swift allan. He felt bad that he had been shitting on them. So much who who like her. I don't say. I didn't like her to shit on people with no she'd better what it is. You're for me. I can't like i can't like icon for more characters so i can't stand like a human like for me to go like i'm upset. I couldn't be like. I'm just obsessed with lady gaga because like when i watched her documentary was like oh i didn't i don't i don't like her mind..

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