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You're on with Ron. Mcgill of zoo Miami. Go ahead Dylan. Hey Ron I live in California right. Before the last earthquake birds started taking off right before it happened How do they and other animals? Now what's GonNa Happen before well understand? That earthquake starts not necessarily right. Where you're at. You're not usually at the epicenter of the earthquake So they sense these tremors way before you sense them Understand that These tremors you know even in water fish do the same thing they can sense things way before we as humans can sense them Because that that that those tremors travel long distances very quickly and way ahead of the time when you feel the strong ones. So that's what they're sensing sensing that Because they're hyper sensitive to those types of environmental changes because that's what their survival depends on. Barry's Edwin you're on with Ron McGill of zoo. Miami GO AHEAD. Edwin said I was curious my dog who I let every day He looks at me dead in the eye. Every single time that he's Qiuping and I was just wondering what what was going on with that. Why did that happen You know it's all speculative it could be one of two things the first thing is he's telling you this my territory look at me. I'm marking this. See this is mine marking this. Or He's looking at you like really. You're staring at me while I do this. It's one of those two Pat Holmes Austin you're on. Espn Radio Austin. Go ahead My question is someone's getting into my trash. My only live around squirrels and birds but they're only getting out chicken wing bones and I didn't think squirrels with want that. So what is it most likely raccoons opossums? They're the greatest trash raiders on the planet. There found throughout the country very very common very intelligent in the respect that they can get into almost any kind of trash receptacle and chicken bones are a love of theirs. Zach Elliott Dan you're on ESPN radio. Go ahead. Dan Hey Ron Our cat likes to steal my girlfriend socks and hide them. I didn't know if there was a reason that she did this. Or if she's just being a little bit. Thanks again. It's kind of like a territory thing. It's a possession thing it's a announcing that she's Kinda a head one and You know you're in is is is a is a huge communicator for animals. That's how they communicate sexual reception. That they communicate dominance and territory. That's how they established territory and that's what that cat is doing is basically establishing herself Against or with someone who she may think is a competitor con Specific Zach Prescott. Steve you're on with Ron Maclean. Steve you're on with Ron McGill of zoo Miami. Just keep it moving right on out. Steve. I live off. The shore of Lake Michigan..

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