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What was that Was before this. I think it was two thousand. Three four five. Wow so that's what you meant account k. bookstore the back room. Christopher lifts weights. Tony arrives now. Those real wage. Those one hundred pound each dumbbells really. Did you have like thirty. Ten pound dumbbells wilma or you had to do it a lot of times. They real wages. weren't they. just give you the answer. They were ten pound dumbbells. That's the answer the real. That's all i guess i. If you question katrina was two thousand five you're right. They're only ten pounds. I could see what just happened there. I asked you a question. And i answered it. I said and pound dumbbells i. they were styrofoam. I said smart. I asked you serious questions. I was being the spot out. What they were ten pound dumbbells. They were read Hundred pound was a joke referring to like christopher lifting weights which is ridiculous Ten pound things with you know kids could do aerobics. Class act backwards. Just say i apologize. I i have nothing to apologize. Say i flew off the handle. I apologize. i'm sorry. I agreed to do this. I'm sorry i agreed to do this. Podcast donny arrives. Let me ask you something. Tony says those two arabs fuzzy fuzzy zoeller and italian for those that don't know is referred to like being like a fish only beans. You take a change that they could be al qaeda's something like that you know at one point christmas across my mind but i don't think so the gun nuts but the smaller guy win. Those danish cartoons property was very upset but at the protest. That's referring to two thousand five. Kurt west granted a cartoon a danish cartoonist Muhammad with a bomb in the turban. He actually died two weeks ago. This this Cartoonist there was a plot to murder him and then there was an attempt on his life after that they entered his house with a knife in an axe. He had a panic room that he went into. And this guy was eventually killed by the cops during this attack. Yeah he thought He says i'm thought the protests and riots would bring bad attention to all muslims. Then he says mohamed is going to have a dog. that's a devout some kind of whatever. What do you call it. A brand branch some branches. I guess devout muslims. Don't they're not into you know having dogs. I think that's what that's about. I kinda i kinda talk. Christopher saying he's got a dog he's compassionate. anyone that has a pet. I think yeah. I mean i feel that when i first read the script i thought that too but then i asked about. It said that there is a thing in certain certain. Muslims don't like having dogs petro's a very very funny scene. It's very funny. Females lay cow. Su vida parks at house many terrier dot. They walk up to him. Feel with tony rose recalling it for days My phone vinas lion. You tell me a good. Tell tonio to come in sure you go ahead and follow you. I'm very surprised that benny fell this. Yeah very surprised. I know he's a captain but still they should've said no will follow you. Baby had guns out or some wired. The worst at the worst will follow you. I mean he does pulled away left him in the dust. Benny twelve iraq at of status doesn't seem like they're taking a very serious. I don't know no you're one hundred roy. Why my. I want you to get that. I've agreed with you minutes by. I wanna play it over and over and over again. No one hundred percent No you're one hundred hundred. No you're one hundred percents. I'm a hundred percent rice okay okay. mocking lot. Pouring rain was really raining. I think might have been fake rained now. Really porn key play by eduardo. Ballerini broke empire. Romeo must die dinner rush. He's an award winning narrator of audio books. There was an article on him in the new york times a few months ago about is he's he's a. He's huge in this field. He's got fans that read that. Listen to everything. He reads on a while. He's got a huge following. He's like the number one guy for books on tape at terrific. You've done a few buckshot tape. I did my book. I did Omerta by mary puzo. I like to in my book. Because you know yeah. I did my book. I to do in america by mariposa was really hard. I really don't like it. I did my book one of one of my books And i did that. Scientology pocket which attracts which changed your life right. I think it was a fuck fake. Because i've never seen it heard about it. I think they just paid me to try to fucking get me in the cult. Oh you've never been the same since then you know this. Ati scientology steve. In after one of my like fucking programs. I would think so opprobrium like tom cruise program you should be. You should only be like tom. Be out by what i don't wanna be like tom cruise tom cruise why he's got an amazing career. I don't care. I don't wanna be like anyone except for me. You don't wanna live in a bubble. Like where i gonna be like anyone. And so for steve sure good better indifferent. It is what it is what it is. I am away like popeye. It's nice here that's good. I don't wanna be. I wish i had this guy's career. I wish i had that much money. I wish. I don't wish. I just wish my family well. I don't give a flock of nobody else. All i agree with you. Audible said anybody else's pocket. I don't care what they got what they ought to have. Tom cruise got what.

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