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That experience. I got I got a solution for you. You could show the bosses, capterra dot com. Capterra is a is the leading free directory of software solutions for your business. I guarantee you there is a newer better program out there for you, many of them running off the web. But but the point is no matter what your business and there are. Seven hundred categories thousands of businesses everything from a content management system to Email marketing to IT service to running a yoga studio to work flow management. I go on and look at all these categories. And and if you need software for your business, you don't have to you know, on your line of business software doesn't have to be out old and out of date. It can but it's all there, and it makes it really easy pick a category Carson any category. I don't care just click on one there. What are we going to get here, computer repair? Shop software how many packages are there in there's hundreds. But now you can narrow it down. You see the on the left you could filter it by I want ones with reviews that are forced are better. I want something that can run online or I can want something that runs on disk. I maybe I need to manage accounts. Whatever it is you need you click the boxes filter it out narrow those hundreds of packages down to the few that do everything you want. You can build a chart a comparison chart of four different ones. So you can look side by side is he what? Which they do. But here's the magic. Capterra has eight hundred fifty thousand reviews of products with thirty thousand fresh reviews every month, and these are real reviews. Capterra's very careful to vet them of people actually use the programs..

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