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Station. That episode under the scheme as it was originally broadcast on Friday October. Six nineteen fifty in the newspapers of that Friday sixty nine years ago these were some of the headlines from Washington and early end of the Korean War may make a difference in how the United States deploys its military force but leaves change the program for building that up to the three million man strength all evidence today points to continuation of the rearmament program including more manpower even if the shooting in the Far East stop soon plans. Lambs reportedly were under serious consideration to boost the air force up to ninety five to one hundred ten groups. Meanwhile in South Korea a spirited wind raised a little swirls of dust among me white crosses stars Dave within stark white stakes masks on the Red Brown Dusty Hill. The half-mast of the United Nations flag fluttered in the breeze and the voice of the chaplain. Colonel Frank Toby floated across the Marines soldiers and South Koreans. At today's I memorial service at the only a UN cemetery in the area South Korean Third Division troops stabbed another twenty miles up the east coast of North Korea. They are now only thirty. Two miles from the big Ren industrial the center of one son or the communist staggered by great losses. Were expected to make a stand in Washington reports of the Korean War boosting civilian employment indepence department by Eighty six thousand during July and August the increased over eight hundred thirty nine thousand. The number of persons employed by the department as of August thirtieth thirtieth and two of the top man in the nation's new mobilization for Defense Lineup Sauna and agreement on manpower us one point in issue to be subject to draft and the armed services and who deferred to meet scientific and technical needs of the mobilisation program and North Korea. The South Korean soldier now in the land of his red red military enemy finds North Korea people in shreds and tatters after five years of communist rule that from how boil writing the Associated Press oil continues. Does he also finds the North Korean civilians. Don't act like people who are losing a war he walks several hurriedly raised victory arches logs and pine boards spanning the road from Washington. Senator bricker the Republican of Ohio leader past fights against continuing federal rent. Control says today. They're extension in modified for maybe necessary when Congress returns November twenty seventh his surprise statement to reporters contrasted with the view of Senator Maybank the Democrat in South Carolina that he he saw no reason for Congress to revise the present local option rent law at the brief lame duck session after the election from Philadelphia to eating having mud pies. It seems is normal for children if your child eats mud pies don't worry about it and Medical Society of Pennsylvania said in their publication your health or dirt. Eating is common among children and the practice is usually short-lived and harmless and dateline London. James Calhoun of Richmond. Virginia flew in Thursday night with the treat for his meat hungry English relatives. It was a three pound state. Can't learn step down his suitcase. Put the rap stay on top of it and whistled for a cab as the a cab drew up in front a large airedale. You Up and back cal. Hernan his kinfolk had fish forgiven. Though some today's top news stories as reported in the newspapers of Friday October Sixth Nineteen fifty on your radio escape which continues now on Classic Radio Theater. I didn't think that given into less daddy's he kept going to be trouble. Though this plugging there'll be more. We don't get the noise away. Good Mon in Canton. Deity fell his. This come Wednesday night.

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