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Sixty five degrees in Boston at nine o'clock good evening of dawn Hoff here's what's happening with calls for police reform following the death of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police Boston police are bringing change through their use of force policies there in line with campaign zeros eight can't wait guidelines the police department will now require officers to the escalate situations before using force restriction Coles and strangle holes where deadly force is authorized or banning the use of them all together give a verbal warning when possible before using deadly force and intervening to stop another officer from using excessive force I'm not tied with Dan ray last our house speaker Bob DeLeo talked about a police reform bill now being worked on in the legislature I would like to see this done in on the governor's desk by August first started should say the end of July but we're talking about an independent office of police standards and professional contact to insure that there are minimum statewide policies and procedures for all law enforcement here in in in the Commonwealth we're talking about statewide oversight and accountability including police officer certification and enhanced training in addition to that the abolition of the use of the chokehold by Lauren force made as well as well as the establishment of an affirmative obligation for all law enforcement officers to intervene in the situation where you have a fellow officer improperly illegally shall we say using force governor Charlie Baker says he'll be holding off comment on the proposal until it's finished the governor saying public health data is moving in the right direction as phase two of the state's re opening continues over the past few days restaurants have opened for outdoor dining retail stores and welcome customers inside and other businesses and activities have restarted we're glad to be able to responsibly open up more parts of our economy but as everybody knows for continued progress and re opening depends on our ability to keep pushing back against covert nineteen governor's comments during a visit to the greater Boston food bank today where he announced a new grant program to address food insecurity in the state president trump letter discussion on race and police in Dallas today but did not invite the county's three top law enforcement officials there all African American here's ABC's Andy field there was no mention of the three excluded local African American Dallas officials of the president's discussion but Mr trump downplayed widespread police problems bad apples and they're not too many of them I can tell you that not too many of them in the police report but we all know a lot of members of the police the president insisting police must dominate the streets to prevent a repeat of last week's violence Andy field ABC news police in California say a man who shot a sheriff's deputy and killed a homeless man is now dead himself a gun battle erupting between police and the suspect here's ABC's Alex stone after a manhunt stretching many hours and several shootouts with police leading officers shot the suspect accused of ambushing police on Wednesday morning at Paso Robles police headquarters is now dead police say in a final gun battle twenty six year old Mason layer went down we're told he was a transient why he allegedly targeted police using clear they say they don't know a motive nine oh three checking the roads not the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive.

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