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A warrant and privacy advocates say bit if you're going beyond that if you're if you're if you're spying on people and your age be it's just a bridge too far for the government to access computers without their consent or knowledge in and it's hap evil with the people who commit the crimes you know they they tap into their computers and they release information about their personal lives that only the courts dd here not the public and that's why i think due process is in jeopardy because the minute a person is accused of a crime the media can get into their files and say oh well they were on this kind of drug may have this type of problem before if somebody's business it's only the courts bizet's i believe but i know that i didn't immediately address the giant databreach of the credit report agency ecwa fax but i wanted to wait a little bit if you analyse visit try to find answers information end and give you you know what's going on in and how i see this is the beginning these of a conspiracy this isn't a theory okay conspiracy theories are theory this is most certainly a conspiracy of some kind i'm not necessarily you know i am got my finger on it yet and maybe you do and maybe you can tell me about this a triple eight six seven three three seven hundred plate you know we know that the company ecwa facts reported that from may through july identity thieves stole the personal information including social security numbers of one hundred and forty three million us consumers know this is not only created an uproar within the cyber security inputs that companies is also raised the eyebrows of conspiracy theories who have always been reporting live there is something brewing were hackers will use weaponized artificial intelligence to bring down the country's infrastructure remember this joe we did an artificial intelligence and now there was a group of a former black hats that met in las vegas had a convention they were talking and they asked the question how many black cats there were former black cats how do you believe that by 2018 there's gonna be some sort of a an attack on offense of attack using artificial intelligence as a weapon sixty two percent said it's going to happen next year so i think.

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