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Thirty K. how over there six AM to ten AM each day now Dave I wanted to share with you I I got a couple emails from listeners on this question of would you give up sex for a year in exchange for the perfect body and I just want to warn I just want to warn Angie that I'm gonna ask her her answer this question in in a man okay so Angie get your thinking cap on and maybe your headphones and and be prepared so here's one answer now this is and I'm obviously not gonna use listeners names here I'm female seventy three years old haven't had sex for awhile would love a perfect body this is a part of the email that I thought it would be was really interesting day spent a weekend in jail it's the most demoralizing experience in the world so if that's the only way to get the perfect body I don't know but she actually but she didn't rule it out either I hate and and the part where she said it's the most demoralizing experience in the world that part was all caps most demoralizing eight and yet she didn't say absolutely not what I you know go to jail for a week in order to get the perfect body people do a lot he pulled a lot I'm there's one more in this one this one's out from a guy hi Ross in Dave I'm a regular recreational runner between twenty and twenty five miles a week five hundred push ups a week recreational that sense that's a lot isn't it that's that's serious stuff twenty to twenty five mile at a recreational now that sounds professional to me too about five foot six one fifty he said I'm comfortable in keep active for my mental health not my physical health now look this this part of the email kind of bums me out but he he says I haven't had sex for five years after a divorce after many years of marriage so he said I guess I can't say that I can give up anymore then I am currently not getting when it comes to you know giving up sex for the perfect body but he says that he wouldn't give it up however check this out he said I wouldn't give up sex for a year for the perfect partner if she existed hi but that would mean you have the perfect partner for a year without you now yeah that's now Raskin now it's a totally different different question different quite all right let's let's SKG now in G. S. R. Angie is because of what she does in the other half of of her life already in tremendous physical shape so you probably don't need to work as hard to get you know from wherever you are now to whatever you think your optimal body is as I or or Dave might just might be an easier question for you I I don't think I would give it up because there's more of the the mental self esteem now if it was the perfect body have like really really high self esteem so I don't feel bad about myself I might go for that okay if you can get the perfect body by giving up sex for a year or going to jail for a week and you had to pick one of them which one would you pick I actually my try to go to jail for a week so I can have a story yeah I'm with you exactly that's the right answer right there if you if we had like a bell ringing sound effect for the right answer that would be at what Dave you looks stumped no it yeah I guess I'm kind you look absolutely stomped what what part of that is the intrepid producer Dave it was never speechless save repeat it again I I kind of got discombobulated there I it is preferable to go to jail for a week then to give up sex for a year okay because if you went to jail for a week out there's a chance you have a really good story to tell about it story is great but and you're going to jail it's not like me going to jail are you going to jail and you go in there she can kick the **** of any of those women that are in the cell with her I'm gonna be a victim ever seen orange is the new black he is he is not nearly going to be the toughest checking that jail which you will very quickly established herself her dominance yes yeah so she she's a lot better with military training and all you're right she's a lot I mean I've no belts except the one around my way I don't have any black ones are I have a black belt but it only holds up my pants CG do any martial arts yeah I do I do just to and my tie and she really felt said resilient Ugetsu or whatever the regular ju jitsu is resilient just sick yeah that's it yeah it's incredible sport action she just turned a belt she she doesn't stop while so yeah in a jail cell she's tough all right so and you might be the toughest be word in jail if she was in jail not the biggest but the toughest I wouldn't be someone's right be working yeah yeah exactly interesting you and I would be victims speak for yourself yeah you're not so tough I guess especially since I probably can't carry my hand gun in the jail I'm I'm fairly well armed for a Jew but they wouldn't let me they wouldn't carry it into jail all right let's grab a call from Vic in Bailey who I think has an opinion about whether it would be war and an experienced based opinion as to whether it be worth spending a week in jail to get the perfect body what do you think Vic hello I just I just want to say yeah I would well we could be cake I mean I don't care what jail is but a I just wonders I spent six months in the park county hotel well because the call the judge more on I got pulled over this was way back when Colorado's when the last states that didn't have an open hello yeah yeah we got you Colorado is one of the last states that didn't have an open container law and so I was coming home from work I think this was a yeah I'm just gonna I'm giving a call here that's from you are you ignore them we're this morning nobody I I don't even know how to transfer so you're a jail for a week for that so so anyway I was on my way home from work and had a beer in my view my Cup holder I got pulled over for excess again I don't need to worry about all this part of the story so then so then you go to court and the judge says something you call him a more and are you saying you got six months in jail basically for contempt of court more or less what no it should have been I would have been happy to do six months for contempt of court because I had contempt of the son of a **** but home he actually put me in for do you why it wasn't there was mold why okay so let's get back to the question at hand the question at hand is is it if if you could give up sex for a year or go to jail for a week to get the perfect body and you had to pick one of a month slightly changing the question right which one would you pick and why I would pick the drill thing because I've been there done that and I've read I would you know these people going to solve the murder okay let me ask you this spec are you a guy I would be afraid of if I was in jail with you know are you the size of Mandy's husband well I'm I'm six three two hundred sixty pounds yeah so pretty close to size it may be so you're a good guy in prison right I'm a good guy okay see you can protect me perhaps when I get when I was bad guys yeah yeah but Vic yeah you were five seven one fifty five what would you think you'd still have the same answer no yeah now now we're getting to the heart of the matter right yeah like Chuck I would not be afraid to you yeah yeah exactly or or if you look like Vic I'll write big stay at a jail William it was a long time this is a it was not you would like to tell no not even two thousand I know I'm still say instead of jail I will because it won't get to the perfect body I promise all right see a buddy have a good weekend let's just go to Doug down there in the springs Hey Doug you're on with Ross in the intrepid producer Dave great question guys I had to pull over because I was laughing so hard but I wanted to let you know I I think I read an article like within the last year there was talking about how their sex became more frequent after sixty because the people stopped caring what they look like this will have that bad actors in that might skew your statistic that you're talking to somebody over sixty but anyway I'll I was lap and and you know I use that article trying to kind of keep my wife because we're we're coming into our sixty well I thought the frequency might increase but anyway I just I I just wanted to throw that into the mix well you know what's funny because so we were talking about this before Dave and we were kind of assuming that younger people would be less likely to give up sex and older people would be more likely to give up sex right because younger people are having more in older people are having less but you take what Doug is saying and you add it to a story that was reported as a few months ago but there is this big survey out of the university of Virginia and what they found is that over the past several years there's been a huge decline in the number of Americans having sex and almost all of that decline is among like eighteen to thirty year olds younger Americans ending and teenagers to younger Americans are having much less sex than they used to the poor young fools that they'll be regretting this in several years I guarantee it shocking yeah yeah but it it it also is a perfect kind of the other side of the coin from from the point that you made I'm all right Doug you also stay at a jail okay I remember Doug the blue pill is our friend yeah I was in the great state of mind yeah sure right leave that to you guys all right I tell you this this call has the potential to be the winner let's go to Sheila in Arvada Hey Sheila easier on the show with Ross and Dave what's up thank I love your question about what yeah thank you thank god all and I a single day if I ever.

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