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You have everything you wanted to know. Asked or answered by the person sitting across from you and then respond well and be able to transmit these things via an interview And bring them up in. I always say conversation but narrative right. I mean that's that's probably the best way to do it is. How do you find this story. How else can someone get these across because man. I was nervous in these interviews as a as an applicant's of sky what would you suggest. How do you. How do you get these things to jump off the paper. Well i think Before we get there it's really interesting so you have three different Viewpoints be by the way that there are weighted at different university south. I think applicants really need to do their homework because marymount the complete opposite to still where we sort of use the the bar as if you've got an interview then you're all level playing field so that interview is actually the most heavily weighted portion of our interview itself so someone who would be coming to us would want to really spend a lot of time harassing exactly what you're saying jimmy that how do they get those parts of their personality across. How can they come across as being authentic. That's probably the most important thing that we're looking for. But if you were going. At still than you want to make sure you meet that threshold. So it's probably get your academic credentials up higher. So i think everybody just needs to. It's challenging for the applicants because pt cast is. What almost all of the programs used so it almost trick you into thinking all of the prerequisite in terms of how to get in the course that you need to take are the same for all of the universities when they're all very different so i think it really helps to dive into each one of the individual websites talked to prior students. That have been there so that you can best prepare for you know putting yourself in the best light for that program know what sport you're competing in her. No no it. Things are being judged right. Sounds like a decathlon like some. It's going to be very make sure you understand which. Which programs are waiting. What in different ways Lori what do you think in terms of. How do you get this stuff. All these great things to get him to jump off the page. that's a really great question that and that's applicants often ask is you know how. How am i going to be. How are you going to know that you want me to come to your program right and so i always tell applicants. Make sure that you're spending time filling out that pc cass application. Because i don't know you and the austrian say. Oh i met you.

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