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Mike. That actually ignificant because the adds to the mythology of the Bron James that what I what I think is that work here. Now is LeBron James being the tide that raises the boats on that team in. I don't see why so many people found it hard to understand that this was going to happen. And I I've colleagues that I respect Lakers gonna miss the playoffs. Stop. I don't think they're going to be in the top two in the west, but they could be anywhere with way Houston's going, but that brings me to this point, Tony. Yeah. Teams like Houston and Utah which have started slowly are going to get better. And so the Lakers are going to have some struggles. Just because these teams are good. These teams might be as good if not a little better than they are New Orleans is going to get it going again. So it's gonna be difficult. And so they're going to be natural basketball struggles in the Western Conference. So at the beginning of the year, I said that they would win fifty and you laughed at me. And I backed away. I'm not sure. I won't get the last laugh here. I'm not sure LeBron James is only playing thirty five minutes a game. And he's got great numbers. Again. He mates teams better. And in the west when you say those teams are going to get better a lot of them have receded a little bit. If LeBron James can carry young players who admire him. So that they give maximum effort. They could show up around forty eight to fifty don't you think? Yes, tony. Yes. But don't overlook Rondos absence. If he's gone for a month. I mean, what are these hand injuries? Rondo led the bulls with Dwayne Wade and that sort of makeshift team. They had one year to to lead winning both games in Boston in the playoffs. The way out. I don't think the bulls won again here on. He'll be back. The bronze LeBron's not gonna miss every foul shot in the last ten seconds. He's not the ion Williamson show was on again last night endure granted eastern, Michigan is not a scary opponent. But Williamson had twenty one points and nine rebounds. He shot ten for twelve from the floor, and I had a few standardly amazing dunks in three games. Williamson is averaging twenty five point three points and ten point six rebounds. And he's shooting.

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