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We oughta make it s convenient for them as we possibly can as safe for them as possible as we possibly can and I do believe. That ought to be in this bill that's being negotiated. Now, we can say. To Miss mecom. Okay. If this is what you want. You get it when there's enough money put here. US to have a much and put the procedure. And that way, the American people see exactly who is trying to subvert. This democracy, I think that is a much more serious issues than suppressing the vote. The. Democracy that's what's taking place you. Will thank you very much. This election, we also probably can anticipate that we may not have an answer. The evening of the election or even the next day that this may be a prolonged. Period of of counting votes and assessing. The situation in that may be fraught as well. But You know a lot for us to be worrying about. Next question, please. We will take our next question from cal Barron. Hello representatives. This is Khalil buried, Invest America. I'm also good friends with Yobe, the Chief Staff. Democrats in the House of Representatives are also up to the vote. This. November. I'd like to know, and if you could share with the community, what is the argument that you and Speaker? Pelosi. And your leadership team are making with regards to you or record. What are the accomplishments that you're laying out in your pronouns? As a as a house of Representatives. A. When it comes to vote it. I think that each congress. Have to be very. In tune. With what? Displacement, placement the constituents in their on Congressional districts I. Tell People all the time. The first, Congressional district, of South Carolina. splits. Eight. Six, counties. But the sixth congressional district. That's me that kind of name. We'll go democrats. I cannot get elected..

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