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Download the show now or listen every weekend all monocle twenty four. You're listening to the briefing on McCoy Twenty Four. It was clear early on the covid nineteen pandemic was going to be a disaster for the aviation business, and so it has proved him. It was clear almost as instantly that might be an opportunity for rail travel, and there is at least one indication. This suction has also been proved correct this summer check operator regional jet launched an overnight service from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the Adriatic coast of Croatia and sold sixty thousand tickets on a hundred and twenty trains join from. Liana with more on this by Molecules Boca's correspondent Guide Alani. Going Festival it struck me anyway at least as an enthusiast. Rail travel and overnight rail traveled. There wasn't an overnight service from Prague Bratislav it to the Croatian coast seemed we'd so is anybody surprised by how successful this has been? I don't know if you look at it in terms of numbers sixty thousand passengers that's getting on for a tenth of all the check tourists who visited. Croatia this summer I mean in a normal season, the be eight, hundred, thousand checks going to the Croatian coast to call it all coast apparently when they're advertising it in the Czech. Republic. So, you're right. It was almost a market waiting to be created a to take that proportion of the passengers going from the Czech, republic, to Croatia, and that's a really stunning success. Because as you say, it wasn't even before and you couldn't actually got a direct line or we was a bit of a struggle as I recall to get a direct line from Lugano to react up, which is where the train was ending up and the train from the Czech Republic on radio jet jet whatever you WANNA call them. That was going through Lubiana so it could potentially be quite handy for me in the future. Is there a perception do you think that people feel like whether it's scientifically the case or not but feel like trains are currently a safe away to travel I guess there's a a feeling that you can open a window that you're not cooped up and breathing recycled air and having to be strapped in neck in close proximity to other passengers. The. Mind be that and it would depend on the train. Wouldn't it? I, mean th that's west. Serbia's trains would be a big advantage which I know you've traveled. that. The clapped-out old rolling stock with opening windows. So mean if I were working for the Serbian railways right now be saying, Hey, our windows open and. Off You go guys as much ventilation as you want I, think regional jets have been trying to. have themselves be marketed as a little bit more upscale even though that ticket prices are very cheap. They've been buying rolling stock from Australian railways and doing atop and You know the the coaches which were second at first class on Austrian railways running as second-class on radio jet trained. So that actually trump be comfortable, not just cheap cheerful and well ventilated and think at the time as well. The the very low numbers of coronavirus infections. In both the Czech Republic and Croatia, seven people talked about travel corridors will what's more Colorado like the train it literally has a corridor on a very often how important will this have been to Croatia this summer pasta because obviously like everywhere in the world reliant on tourism and the Adriatic coast of course, you're certainly reliant on tourism it will have been devastating is this been at least a little bit of a cap on the losses? Absolutely it's helped enormously and the architects were very good as well. If you can imagine these trains arriving Rica and disgorging at every turn hundreds of check tourists getting onto coaches to take them to other places on the Croatian coast. This was the way of saying we're safe and those pictures made it into the international media and as a result Kara's tourism season was down but it wasn't a disaster. God. bacchus correspondent. Thank you as always for joining us. All for this edition of the briefing, it was produced by Reese James in Ulan goffin manager it was stronger the briefing returns at the same time tomorrow midday UK. I'm Andrew mullet thanks very much for listening..

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