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With happy birthday. Or congratulations messages. You could even ask someone to marry you. With a customized coke bottle it was sweet really then came the internet cokes. Customization system was prepared to block common profane words and phrases. It also blocked trademark and celebrity names type in a prohibited name or phrase in the system response quote oops looks like the name you requested is not an approved one then the message goes onto explain some of the guidelines used for the tool and to give the user a contact for customer service just in case they got it wrong and get it wrong they did. The censoring feature was far from comprehensive for example. You couldn't get a bottle with black lives matter printed on it but white lives matter was a okay. According to cnn transgender was blocked but nazi wasn't to imagine how this played out online. You simply need to think back to a few years ago. Microsoft launched tae remember an ai powered chat bot that would learn from interactions with other twitter users. Those twitter users taught it to be profane racist and misogynist in less than a day forcing microsoft to shut down the project. Yeah he was a bit like that. Well this gaffe is reminiscent of a pepsi. Television commercial from a few years back. The ad showed protesters with signs. Like join the conversation standing off against police. Then kendall jenner of kardashian fame hands a pepsi to a police officer in the crowd cheers critics blasted the ad is trivializing. The black lives matter movement in a response to the customization to issues. A coke representative told cnn that the company's refining the tool so that it is quote only used for its intended purpose. No doubt they're making some changes to the censoring function for now those with unusual names instill order their name on a coke but the censor enhancements might make it a little tougher for those trying to quench their thirst for scandal from wondering. This is business wars daily. I'm your host david brown written by wind miranda and produced by jessica. Your musket our executive producer. Jenny lower beckmann in martian created by hernando means or birthdays holidays. Promotions getting that last sprinkled donut. There's a lot in this world worth celebrating but nothing is worth celebrating more than knowledge especially knowledge that will pay off.

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