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Mortgage experience despite would peak McCarty opined any update Phillies looking good number on on maroon uniforms at no all I don't believe in that case at least the scoreboard is telling a specific tell library has their own sartorial tastes but it just doesn't look like the Phillies day last war this uniform forty years ago a maroon on maroon and Greg was in ski you threaten the owner that he would not ever play any Philly uniform again if they ever tried to trade at possum out there looking like a great well grape is not working here in the new millennium either getting crushed by the Braves fourteen to one moving to the top of the sixth inning that started Jack Appling got pounded ranger Suarez came in relief and he got smacked around not good Phillies were hoping to cut into the Braves lead in is three games that this weekend in Philadelphia got beat last night and getting beat down today by the Atlanta Braves sell as we get that much closer to the trade deadline the Phillies I thought we're going to be a buyer I thought that that they were going to make a play to upgrade that their team much like a lot of teams in baseball their biggest need is starting pitching now they did get one off the scrap heap last week drew Smyly who was a guy who when he was released by the Texas Rangers earlier this year I thought the Philly should have big time interest in he ended up signing with more with Milwaukee he paid for the brewers in three minor league games and he had to happen out his contract because he opted out and the Phillies did side him in game a major league deal on bottom immediately and here to Philadelphia and last weekend he do a pretty good game form now it's kind of funky just we could to police they were off Monday and Thursday they had two days off during the week so where I smiley isn't going to pay toward them and then they're off again this upcoming Monday so they actually in a eight day period up three days off in the middle of the season that almost never happens so much so it ends up smiley pitches on Sunday and it doesn't pay to get until the following Tuesday because they've got all these days off drew Smyly tonight picture and I think he was a good addition any patch well any sports game the Phillies didn't get a win but he only got one run in six innings and the Phillies ended up winning the game two to one in extra innings but he's not good enough they need another started their starting staff would just not good enough to get Gary got smacked around last night apple got smacked around tonight Vince Alaska is isn't good enough they got every nolo who is a legit ace and he could try can ace a sigh young candidate last year got off to a little bit of a slow start this season but of late has once again returned to ace like form but they got mediocre starting pitching that's not good enough to make the playoffs so I thought they were going to be a player on one or all of the starting pitchers who were on the open market in being shopped around if they lose tonight they fall seven and a half games behind the Braves they fall in the wild card race we've got a couple of days until the trade deadline the Phillies just might buy themselves out of S. buyer status because both their genom engineer president have been quoted over the past seven days make failed their president said that they are not one player away from their ultimate goal which is winning the World Series I read into that just making the wild card isn't something that we're going to be willing to put up signifying in prospect to try and get our hands on that's not a good sign where are they in the wild card as of right now and again we know we're going to and a loss on them because they're not rattling from down fourteen one against Braves cubs are gay after came up in the wild card nationals are holding down the second spot the Phillies are just a half game but far behind so they'll fall to a game back brewers could jump them into standing for the brewers door brewers are actually losing to second beat by the white Sox in an interleague game so yes at the the fact that no one can separate in the wildcard race internationally gonna keeping teams it like the giants at two games back there still in it the D. backs I think want to be a seller David certainly let it be known there listening to offers on Robbie ray I think they'd listen to offers on Zach warranty who's got two years and the rest of that year's salary which is thirty million whatever portion you have to pay a two thirds and in another sixty five million on top of that for the next two years I thank the D. backs would be willing to give a grantee up despite the fact he's still one of the best pitchers in baseball but they could clear and check the stock million off their salary cap for the next two years they're gonna want decent return on a deal but it wouldn't be an outrageously high return because yes they are clear and lots of money out even though I think green tea is painting like that thirty million dollar picture he's not a blatant all were painted your jets you made a massive mistake in signing him and you need to get out from under I don't think they would need to add depending on the team they're trading him too the more the day would stand with him as far as money goes to coverage salary the higher prospects they would get in return should they even be having this conversation at two am games out of the wild card should they be looking to sell should be a day you looking to take pieces off the top they got a guy like David Peralta who you can look at as an actor outfielder because they've got dice in they've got more day they've got Adam Jones they got look Castro they're playing a little bit out there he just came back did Peralta from an injury a stint on the injured list second times gone down with a blocking shoulder but if they made him available teams it needed now filled another left in a bad might be interested in touching base with the Diamondbacks but by the standings there in the mix yes the Rockies a falling out yes I don't think the matter said forty eight and fifty five and six and a half games back are actually in it the Padres to breads the pirates Tomorrowland you got a bunch of teams that have fallen by the wayside but still you got two wild card spots clubs national Phillies breweries giant diamond backs that six teams only two could make it poor aren't gonna make it what are those other four teams going to do thanks still to be determined so I mentioned this earlier in the show I saw at least one M. L. B. insider it might have been Kenny Rosenthal earlier yesterday on Twitter suggesting that it's going to go right down to the deadline the teams aren't going to actually get deals done make deals until either Tuesday or Wednesday Tuesday thirtieth Wednesday or its thirty first which remember trade deadline is four PM eastern it's not midnight to thirty first eight four PM eastern on the thirty first so you gotta get the wheel rolling the day before if it's gonna take negotiations and haggling right down to the end you got to get the deal done before four PM eastern time so one o'clock for those of you out there on the west coast you know you got to get a deal done that morning can't wait until the afternoon can't wait until that night got to make that decision before the games get underway on that Wednesday add to this point it is been talk talk talk talk talk talk talk and I've given you the rumors that I've read in the information that I believe I don't know if anything's going to get done baseball made the decision this offseason to do away with the August trading period the rules of baseball been this way for a long time but after July thirty first you could still make a deal in August but a player had a past waivers anytime you put a guy up waivers another team can claim ma'am if they do then if you don't call them back that team is responsible for taking they don't have to give me anything they just have to pay the waiver claim which I think is twenty five thousand dollars which is a drop in the bucket in Major League Baseball but they get the player for nothing except the waiver claim but they're obligated for his contract dress the way so if someone has a contract that is deemed over expensive but he made a mistake in game too much money teams are reticent to put claims it and then you can actually claim a player if you claim a player and the other team let him go you short you can't just say no never mind if he does clear waivers Danny can be traded and in a trade package and guys got a big salary eighteen can include some money to pay part of his salary which would be an inducement for the team to take on that player and then maybe give you something in return a player of significance certainly more than twenty five thousand dollars the reason a baseball did away with the August trading curry date thought too many teams didn't make trades in the July trading period because they're afraid they'd still be able to do it in the August trading so I took the emphasis off the first trade deadline that they had Major League Baseball once only attention they want people pay an antenna want social media attention they want everyone talking about baseball and they thought they could enhance it on July thirty birds by doing away with August well the teams haven't budged to teams have moved the teams haven't changed their standard operating procedure they're waiting and waiting and waiting and we'll see if push comes the job on the thirtieth and thirty first but if you ask me it's been a boring trading period to this point and whatever baseballs Despina seems plan it was to choose the trading deadline to this point it hasn't worked give me dot on your team would you want to see him do what you think they're going to get done over the next three days before the trade deadline actually hits Wednesday at four o'clock eastern hit me up at eight five five two one two four two two seven come back and give me my daughter again on the giants in their wide receiver position I got issues I got a couple injuries and as of today they have a suspended wide receiver golden Tate put out a statement about his appeal on his four game suspension for the giants this upcoming year I want to get your take on it because golden Tate and the giants believe that he's got a chance to get some relief from the suspension finally I don't my E. remembrances of the National Football League and how they handle substance abuse violations is a little different than what golden Tate is say I give you golden Tate statement I want to get your take on if you think he's got a chance to get the suspension either wiped away all are potentially reduced hit me up at eight five five two one two four two two seven judge Mack wide open phone quite a forty five minutes will baseball or football get on my telephone lines in general I'm a win win guy when I have to spend hours searching for the right part it's lose lose.

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