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That you might want to write down welcome eighty all right did they give everybody good morning merry Christmas coming up I hope you guys all have great plans with family and friends and have an enjoyable weekend coming up because it's in the middle yeah okay let me see here where do I want to start okay how bout at query hill quarry hill quarry quarry hill but tentacle gardens they're going to be having a weekly guided ikana for walks this will be happening every Wednesday from January fifteenth through February twelfth so if you really do have a question about Conover's what's a pine what's the what's the spruce what's a Exeter what's the exact address you can satisfy your knowledge by going on one of these walks up in Glen Ellyn add one two eight four one cinema highway Glen Ellyn and this is at quarry hill botanical gardens and they also have a January fourth of wild I'm sorry not hearing him a check they don't already have a let's start over okay January fourth wild in Marin as having a fungus festival this is at the mill valley community center at one eighty Camino alto in mill valley more coming up on next week about that but January fourth is the date to circle on your calendar right after the new year of also of medicinal mushroom talk walk and demonstration this is happening in Occidental at the let's see at the salmon creek school that's at.

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