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I don't I don't think it's going to be oh Matt Bryant retiring, and that's it. You know, breaking news. You read it on Twitter. Matt Matt Bryant's retiring, I don't think he's gonna go out like that. Yeah. I think that there is a case that can be absolutely made that he deserves more. But you know, one thing I've learned about the falcons a lot of NFL teams that they really don't tend to get sentimental, and, you know, look at Matt Bryant's contract in the way that it set up is that he can get out of it whenever he wants to. I mean, there's really no like. The team has announced every year. He has an out every year, you know, hard penalty, you can look at the bit a little bit of money if it decided to cut him, but at the same time, his cat next year is four million dollars m my get right now is that they cut the deal to kind of get him back in the building for the season that they all kind of go much differently. Am I big question is, you know, considering the fact that he did have the health issues this year and again to hold him out for a few games? You know, it wasn't a it wasn't a loss season. So we don't really think about it as much but about if it really was kinda year we bought it was gonna be and the team was not able to find a replacement in costs them or two really close games playoff standing. If you're the team, you might think. Ooh. You know, we love that Bryant. He's been there for ten years. He's a wonderful kicker concede. At least he's a wonderful kick. Her. But at the same time, we we really are kinda curious where his health is going because he did struggle with health this year. And you know, it's not like most kickers really cannot cake fifty seven field goals. You know, fifty seven yard field goals every game the same time. It's like you had the situation where you wonder exactly the money's gonna be there for him next year. You know, I mean, there's one million dollar cap it. So I mean, they're going to say about three million they cut him. But you know, if you decide to retire that money would go, obviously, he they detain would recoup it, but a hundred curious to see what can happen. I don't I think the fact that Georgia Vecchio played so well in his absence makes it more difficult position. I think they didn't have anybody obviously bring him back. He's back, but we don't have to retire. The team's gonna wanna give Vecchio the permanent job. I mean, they have very similar career trajectories. Bryant bound. Around win the NFL and other leagues for awhile before he found that kind of home in Tampa Bay. And then he came to Atlanta, obviously, made the bulk of his career made him who he really is. So sometimes kickers take time to develop a maybe that's Vecchio is gonna head to bounce around the league, really find his footing, no pun intended. And they come to land in really be the heir apparent to Bryant. Because obviously they can't carry two kickers on the roster in a season where they're gonna wanna have everyone can have to really make that push again..

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