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Edition of the ringer NBA show. My name's Kevin O'Connor and I hopped on with my boss Bill Simmons on Spotify green room and we recorded a live conversation right after Sean sherani from the athletic drop the report about Ben Simmons and James Harden. Having traction. So we talked about what were you hearing? In that situation, what to watch for this next week, and what we predict will happen by deadline day. Thursday afternoon with harden and Ben Simmons. Here's our conversation. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you everybody for joining us on Spotify green room today, got Bill Simmons in the house. He gave me a call bill. And we decided why not just have this call happen live on green room to talk about the latest report between the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 7 8 sixers with some James Harden Ben Simmons stuff, Sean shirani reported that the nets are now open to listening to offers for James Harden and that with harden. There's some challenges with their offense. They get two different systems with harden on the court with harden off the corn and the team would like to play more of a consistent style than what harden can do for them. Bill, what are you hearing with the latest here with harden and Simmons? What do we watching for this next week with what could be a massive blockbuster deal? First of all, very professional intro KFC. Really, really sounded like serious weighty. It better than the table. I'm just, I'm doing this green room. I have a strained hand. I heard, oh no, that's sorry. That's James Harden. Yeah, look, there's been breadcrumbs really. The story drops what two weeks ago or a week and a half, whatever it was. And I was really suspicious. I thought it was coming from clutch. I thought they were trying to drive Benson's stuff. But then you watch everything that's happened with the nets the last two weeks and the breadcrumbs starting to drop and harden missing games for random weird injuries and that four point game he had the other day. And then, you know, more and more people are talking. And I think at some point, when did you start to think this was not just smoke being blown around that we actually had a brush fire? What day was it? Yeah, it was around the time of that report you're mentioning that Jake Fisher report on bleacher report. And I think it was Zach Lowe last month in December. Zack had mentioned the rumblings of it. But at that point, it didn't seem real. It probably wasn't until a week or so ago for two weeks ago that I felt like, oh, this actually has a shot at happening. And the thing is, though it makes sense to me, it makes sense for Ben Simmons to be if you're a Brooklyn and you feel like hard and might actually walk the summer or you have any reason to believe that he might walk. And you don't know that he's talked to the front office yet. But if he does indicate for any reason he might leave this off season, if you get Ben Simmons there, that's a great fit next to a potential full-time carrier Irving at some point later this year with Kevin Durant. They love the switch screens on defense. He can be a facilitator for them in the half court. It makes sense for me for Brooklyn to walk Ben Simmons is my point here. That's why I kind of started to feel okay. I see the logic in Brooklyn doing this. All right, counterpoint. The last time we saw Ben Simmons, he was basically in the fetal position during the Atlanta Hawks playoff series. And then has decided not to play since. And we have no idea what's going on with his head and where he's at and what kind of conditioning is in all that stuff. I think the upside of Simmons and the ceiling of him as a player where penciling that in as a reality and I mean, how is that a safer bet than what we've seen from James Harden the last year? I have no idea what to expect from Simmons as a player. You're right. On paper, he would solve a lot of issues for them. He'd give them a transition game. He'd give them a defender who could defend every position. He doesn't need the ball. You'd still be able to revolve around KD and Kyrie for the scoring. I get all that, but what Ben Simmons am I getting? What Intel have you had? This is now we're in month 9 of him basically disappearing. Nothing that matters. I haven't heard any Intel that indicate that Ben Simmons is going to come right back and be a all NBA talent. But I'm not sure how much even if we were hearing that those rumblings of shams drops source story that Ben Simmons is eager to come back and ready to commit to winning a championship from Brooklyn. I don't think that matters. You don't know what you're going to get necessarily. But what I do know with simons is that some of the stuff like the shot criticism saying he's soft or like the stuff that we've actually seen in the court, him not shooting the reluctance to even do stuff outside of what his own comfort zone passing the ball to fiber in that game that sticks against the hawks. I mean, I think, with him, with Brooklyn, if you're playing with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and you've got like Joe Harris facing the floor and the guys that have on that team, I'm not sure some of the Ben Simmons flaws actually matter that much because of the offensive responsibility is going to be handled by those guys. If you're Simmons, all that matters is him fully embracing what they need him to do. And that's the type of stuff that he was never able to do in Philadelphia because in Philly, they never had a point guard that can shoot threes like Kyrie Irving. Nobody's had a guy like Kevin Durant who can do what he does with Simmons in Brooklyn, what it would be is being a defendant that you've been in Philly for years in elite defender, a potential defense of player of the year candidate. And then it set screens. It's run the offensive transition. It's cut to the rim. And maybe I mean, who knows? Maybe he would at this point spot up and shoot threes. But I don't think that's even a necessity when he's surrounded by the guys that he would be for the nets. And for Brooklyn, I don't know how much more they get than Ben Simmons, maybe. So that's the thing. Yeah. What else is in this trade? Well, so my understanding is that from a Philadelphia standpoint, in that Sean's article, he mentioned, well, what more is really going to give? Are they going to give tyrese maxi? Are they going to give them a TI ball? What first round picks are they going to give? My understanding is that from Philadelphia standpoint, there's no chance they give up maxi, even as probably is unlikely in that deal. It would be more like an older player like a Danny Green in that situation. And for the nets, oh boy, that's the risk there for Brooklyn because if you ultimately though, the key hair Bill, the key is what James Harden tells the nets. If harden indicates to the nets that he'll likely walk or will walk, that's what's gonna determine what Brooklyn can reasonably ask for..

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