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And seven thirty pm road on a FOX auto parts shuttle on that day and three days later visited the Home Depot on twentieth street in Lancaster between eight and eleven AM. Anyone who may have come into contact with the infection? At those locations is now being urged to call their healthcare provider and confirm immunization the twenty Twenty-eight Olympics in LA have a bigger price tag than originally thought. The original cost of the games was said to be just over five billion dollars. But the organizing committee announced a revised budget, which is now sitting at six point nine billion dollars. The rising cost is said to be organizers adjusting prices to reflect the real value of dollars at the time. They'll be received or spent if LA doesn't blow the. The budget. It will be the first Olympic host city to do. So since one thousand nine hundred eighty four the last time, the games were held in southern California. Jason Campidoglio ABC news. A search is continuing now for a hit and run driver who struck and killed an eighty one year old man in Torrance crosswalk. Ghulam Ali Kimani of Torrance died at the scene about eight forty pm last night at Delamore boulevard and Marriner avenue just east of Hawthorne boulevard, according to the coroner's office and the Torrance police department the victim was walking south across dilemma when he was hit by a car travelling east the suspect's vehicle described as a blue or gray Honda four door sedan with front end damage. Anyone with information was asked to call Torrance police talk radio seven hundred dodgers lost to the giants to snap that four game streak. They play again tonight. Walker bueller on the mound and angels host. The Blue Jays that sports on seven ninety KABC KABC news time to three. ABC dependable traffic right now to ten freeway westbound right lake heading into Pasadena accident just cleared a few minutes ago. And it's starting to recover for you eastbound side of the ten at around LA brea collector lanes blocked you to an accident. Then already busy here from Cloverfield Fifty-seven south orange Thorpe to the ninety one. It's roadwork in the carpool lane with a backup to your Belinda six zero five south at Washington. That crashes cleared from Lane's very busy from the sixty northbound has also affected leaving the one. Oh, five next reported to twenty four. I'm Rhonda Kramer, AM seven ninety KABC. Your AM seven ninety KABC weather highs in the mid sixties today. It's currently sixty two in Long Beach, sixty five and orange sixty three in downtown LA seven ninety KABC in HD now ninety five point five FM HD two download the tune in apps. So you can take KBC with you wherever you go. I'm listener KABC news at Stater.

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