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FM, the lake. And the college football playoff committee reportedly got to look at more than 60 different possibilities for expansion of the playoff format and a pair of meetings over the weekend playoff executive director Bill Hancock says there will be no change to the format this year. He says any possible changes will not take place until at least 2025 u, confined, more sports that access W D win or at least until a check and we can see his opinion on it is not quite you only wish Right, Right. 8 54 6 minutes in front of nine. Count you down to the Martha Zoller, So we just have been outgained filling in for Martha. But there is no substitute for the insurance source. That's why we underline the because there's only one insurance source. And that is Robin Templeton. Morning, Robin. Remember? How are you? I'm great today. I hope you are. Sounds like you're anyway, what I am to them talking to you. It hardly makes my day Always that's gonna smile and say thank you for that. You are so kind. You are so kind of shit that well, let's put a smile on his face with what you're doing, because we still got this open enrollment going on. But also, you know, the thing is, if you're hitting that magic age, and you're not quite sure how to handle it. That's where you can come in to give some options because let's face it. We only had 65 once in a lot of us were just not ready for when he gets here. Thank you. Thank you. That was a good age. Yeah, A lot of people want to read it. But there's not a lot of good things that come from it as well in a window. You know that this way, because I have had a lot of phone calls that list of people that just don't understand. Medicare is complicated. No, don't help it when you call them that they don't explain what you have. What your options that that's what we're man for. But you have three months before the month 73 months after you're 65th, though, so he gets signed that from military open be What? Your son book and that as a 80 20 points when Mo stop loss there was you go to the hospital's unfortunate recovers happens to you when you have a 20% that you have to pay out a basket, no matter how much that bill is. Gonna doesn't reset it. So it keeps going. Every time you go to the hospital, another 20%. There's no stop. So that idea that come in and explain your options that show you have the companies out there. Carriages and let you can get for your money. And can you not stop lossed? Engines with their ability to feel comfortable in that when you get your head around that, you know you have a good plan, and you're not gonna have that Max out of pocket, but you're not gonna be able to afford. These are the things that you don't know unless you deal with it all the time, and that's what you do. Uh, you all the time and folks could get those questions. Answer in. The options have changed, so they're actually better options now than there have been and I would imagine going forward. They're probably going to be improving as we continue. Huh? I think that every year is a little bit better now open around that once we're through the greatest punishment Hell, every open around those who change orbit. They tweet this and they tweet that then they changed plans, and that's where I come in. And I have tell you what's changing for the next year roof. You know, this company is gonna work a little bit better. Next year's in this company. They for what your needs are And everybody's different. So your doctor, your medicines your needs are not the same as being the wife, so things need to be looked at it. We'll check it out, folks the insurance first We underline the because, like we said, that's the only one and that's when.

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