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A M 7 90 k a Macy. We have breaking news out of Washington. The FDA has just voted to approve the Fizer vaccine for emergency use. Not in the Munitis Kingdom, not in Canada in the United States of America. Visor has approved the first vaccine to treat the coronavirus. That means that within the next matter of days this virus is going to do this vaccine is going to be ready to be rolled out, delivered and injected Tau willing participants throughout the entire country. We've got some doses coming to California we get some dose is coming to Los Angeles. This is very, very good news. In the fight against coronavirus. It's 2 50 on talk radio 7 90 K A B C. It's the John Phillip Show, Randy Wayne here. Tell 3 802 22 k A. B. C is the phone number Mike in Laguna Niguel. You're on the John Phillip show? Yeah. Hey, John. It was having us mark. Maybe you've got some inside in it because this judge that ruled that the city is shut down off the restaurant's was arbitrary and capricious and not based on science that Would give them opportunity for the restaurant association to sue the city. Correct. I believe so. And it's not just for the restaurants and if you would not look at the timeline as soon as that decision came down, not even 24. Hours later, the state of California Reserve reversed another arbitrary decision to shut down the playgrounds. So the more that we have rulings that say you can't just make up decisions without any science that's going to mean a whole lot of industries, not just the restaurants have some ammo to fight back again. To these lockdowns. Yeah, we have to do that. I mean, a swell is obviously recall all these minis. But when he got a doctor who one of the officials saying that Well, there isn't any science behind it. We just want everyone to stay home. You can't do that. That's criminal. I 100% agreed. Thanks. So much for the call Mike 802 22 k A. B. C is the phone number. George Gascon is the Los Angeles district attorney And it's Day three of the George Gascon administration and it's Ah It's making waves. I'll tell you that. Here's a strange story. It was big news yesterday that George Gascon had dropped the charges against a man who was any protest in Compton. What was this man charged with? He was made. He was charged with attempting to wreck a train. Off the tracks by dragging a steel pipe onto train tracks. Apparently the L. A County sheriff had picture proof video evidence that this man did this and it's a huge charge. You do not try to derail a train that is horrific. George Gascon has said. There's not enough evidence we're dropping this. And then an attorney who works for George Gascogne said No, no, We're not dropping this. He defied his boss saying. We're not dropping these charges because we have evidence that this guy dragged Steel pipe or something similar on to train tracks in an effort to derail a train. And the thing is, there are shades of gray with a whole bunch of criminal court cases. You either tried to derail a trainer. You didn't you had They dragged it across the cracks, or you didn't. The sheriff's Department says they have evidence that he did, but George Gascon, maybe because this guy was at a protest. Doesn't want to go down that road. So there are a lot of people working for the district attorney who are not too happy with their new boss. But, hey, maybe the like George Gas guns new partner in crime. Fighting. Kim Kardashian. Kim is someone that has bean very aggressively involving in criminal justice. Reform for a long time. She certainly influences a lot of people must like John Legend come and they have been You know, quite frankly, quite a few people in the entertainment industry. They have been right up there with this and Cam is someone that could be an inspiration to a lot of people, So I'm really excited to be able to work with there. You know, we think alike and many things concerning the system in the reality is that what we need to do is increasing Get our message out. We need to educate public and people like him to be in incredibly eyes. Instrumental in imitating our community, especially young people. She was someone that was in a different place. I would not be in for a second. There are other people that are very influential. What I would never approach because we disagree. The reason why it would be, I think incredibly valuable for both of us. Because we believe that the criminal justice system needs to be re imagine. You heard it right there on TMZ of all places. George Gascon, a man who's never spent any time in an actual courtroom. Is getting legal advice from Kim Kardashian, who has never spent any actual time in a courtroom, arguing a court case. Merry Christmas. Everybody is to 54 of the John Phillip Show, Doc. Radio. 7 90 K A B s A.

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