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Dot com and streaming live on the Katy a our news app your breaking news and traffic he he A. R. news time at seven thirty on Taylor can around here is our top story as a father myself of the sixteen year old I can't imagine what this young man's family is going to talk about an indictment for first degree murder now filed against the man who allegedly stabbed seventeen year old Alisa all Amman in the neck at a circle K. you're sixty seven Avenue in Peoria last week the man told police he felt unsafe because of the teens rap music and that's why he stabbed him the teen family wants his murder classified as a hate crime Arizona has chosen to keep it simple and straight forward for prosecutors to be able to convict someone of having committed a crime and then were able to use evidence of bias to enhance that sentence to increase the penalty that's Maricopa county attorney bill Montgomery explaining Arizona's laws when it comes to hate crimes he also says at this point there is no evidence of ties to hate group the first west Nile death of the season has been reported the Maricopa county public health says he was an older adult who also had other health conditions over twenty seven cases have been reported in Maricopa county this year the department says this is a tragic death and remind everyone to protect themselves from mosquito borne diseases now let's get a check on traffic here's Bradley J. live in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center will tailor.

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