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Podcast Jason McCormick coming up Pacific Northwest Fans. Of course know him. I want 'em water or Chicago podium. Rostougol a ton. We were actually teammates at FM Honda in Nineteen Ninety Eight. He had a bad ass wisey to fifty in nineteen ninety seven I remember and I actually wrenched for him in one thousand nine hundred ninety six my first professional racing wrench job. We'll see if he remembers that I don't know if he would and we'll talk into what he's doing now and talk a little bit civic northwest bench racing and he is a fantastic career on on the motorcycle for sure hell of a writer so thanks for listening appreciate it. Let's dive in adjacent. Mccormick are here. We go as I stated in my intro. A buddy of mine that I haven't talked to a number of years. I was actually on his team back in the day. Flyer racing racer x podcasts presented by rental maxis with the Great Jason McCormick. What'S UP JASON? How are you? I'm doing great buddy just working away still working actually taking the time and wanted to talk to you. Thanks for doing this appreciate it. Yeah Nice to catch up with you and see how you're doing and I gotta thank somebody on Instagram or twitter. That just said hey man. What's Jason McCormick up to and I'm like I don't know but let's find out I'm stoked at that guy. That listener of mine wanted to find out more. But what you're going what what's going on with you so cool you know. I got a message to. I think it was Bob Bradstreet. I know there's a couple a couple of guys you but I know Baba he attacks me said so you know these are trying to get all the whole really well Steve Number. Well it's you know I don't have anymore because it's an old number so anyway. Yeah that's that's I guess I'll transpired. Know whatever number you have for McCormack is the same number. I've had since nineteen ninety-seven. I've never changed it so yeah just just same number so if you just didn't have it that's fine but I'm just saying now. Maybe I tried call no longer. I don't know maybe you have my pager number seriously. That's how old it could be good golf on a ninety eight team got. Okay Yeah so funny. So hey man. You're doing suspension service now up there in the Pacific northwest. That's cool. Yeah actually on site at the Washington motorcross track. It's been awesome Doing you know complete complete suspension jobs valley my own. My own thing tested a lot with Tommy Week You know a little bit with Ryan and a few of my other writers. Do that come up and do a little bit little bit here. And it's been awesome dude just kinda like trying to bring back. What what we did on teams to just more of an amnesty for local level. Which is nice. You know I'm not always at the track hard to hit everyone but I try to do the best Ikin. How'd you get into that? How did you get interested in that? Who taught you back in the day after you hung the boots up or were you doing that kind of stuff when you were racing. Still no no man you know when we had our our deal with rob. Rg Three you remember him. He's doing all our stuff at FM F.A.S.T. But he was working alongside with Honda. At the time. I think around that time I believe so. It really started just testing. I love test. I love to test motors screen. I love to test the suspension. Like I was I loved it so like I know the guys relied on me a little bit more on the testing citing enjoyed it and then I think after we You know after all the years I think it was just an interest in is called rob up one day after my wife carrying I got married. I moved down to California and two weeks later here. I was energy three so really I learned from raw but I understood the mechanics and the mechanics of it. Internally of the test I caught the concept of it. I just didn't know how to work on it at the time or do the tear downs right without applied yet is there. There aren't many people that are smarter than Rob Hendrickson in the motorcycle industry. That's a good guy to learn from. Now there's not and it was nice tests a little bit z back in the day because the Monster Cup like what we did What was it the Monster Cup? Now it was at the MGM US Open. Yeah yeah the US Open so that first or second year. That I did our ziggy. Did me a set of suspension for that so I worked with Ziggy for short time. Just for that okay. Oh cool. Awesome at factory connects you. That's good yeah so you were you down the so cal for awhile. When did you move back up there to start? Jam Are really in two thousand ten. I just had an opportunity. It wasn't something I was thirteen. Four it just kind of happened. Got A call from a guy worked at Service Department and Beaver to motorcycles. His name was Paul Favor and then a couple of other buddies were working there and they kind of shocked me out an idea of what they wanted to do locally and so I kind of talking with wife and I didn't know if there was a smart thing to do or something that we needed a change or you know it was about the time you'll economy was down in you know it was something that was starting to come back a little bit back then. I don't know it was just. I think we needed a change. In an exchange I can never settle like with much. It seems like like I always got to be doing something different or something new or whatever. The case is slow and here we are. I mean we. I spent two years away from my family. They say in California to try to get it up and going. That was rough. I'd go home. Maybe once a month and yeah it was. It was rough there for. I mean it's still was referee but when I moved them back up here so but this was the second time I moved her. In in the kids up the first time was with. Rg Three when we outsource. Rg three out of motorsport. Hillsborough with Scott Russell. Okay okay so that lasts that one about a year and then after that we moved back. Yeah we moved back then moved down to Menefee and rented David Elements House actually working with David Owen. At the time when he had his factory Suzuki Right. I do not think of you as a so-called guy. Jason maybe you are but I don't think that's that's you you know it's okay. It was easier for me to move and but the problem I have is. I like having all four seasons in California. There isn't a there's only there's only two and that's hot real hot and like hold dusty in. Yeah yeah well it's good. I'm glad things are going businesses doing okay despite the the slowdown right. Now you told me Yeah yeah this really slow. I mean it's I figured we would take a hit and you know I'm willing to like you know. Do whatever it took to help anybody could but you know it's actually his gotten better like you know and I just know everybody you know is working or if they got the time off as good time to get things done. The motorcross season comes back and go and again. So that's it's it's awesome so I'll just stay at my little tiny house for a few days during the week. Go home for a night. Come back for a few more days and then keep going till right. That's awesome. That's good to hear. Are you still riding much? Do you get out you test. It do you test no fat. I wait I'm now I'm to have and I don't feel the need like I don't WanNa go out on the track and for my just to go have fun even and feel everything jiggle in in Gigolo around I just ate it yes when I quit racing I literally quick wit Riad idea and WanNa be around the sport anymore and that lasted eight months and then my wife and I got married with calvary in and I got. I got one twenty five. That was that display motor sport. It was it was the. Fms Honda Replica. Mike Okay for ninety eight but it was a buddy of mine josh streets regional bike okay. So but you know. We put a lot of good parts on that bike. Yeah there are a lot of good parts that got on Josh's bike when that when on a semi when you all you guys were up here and you got. I think he went to Dave Rigs. How sue at that time? Didn't to build bikes. No dot point. I was working for Danny Smith. He got injured and I was off the road. I'd go to Loretta. 's for the quad nationals and Loretto for the amateur nationals. I was doing was back in California. Yeah runs Danny. Smith got hurt early in the year. I was done for the for the season. Okay that's right I grab remember I remember. Everybody came up yup to to Dave's house and they're building bikes out known in front of his house in the coldest sack quite funny seeing the rates going down the road seeing the semi setting out of Dave's house near it all these races. Yeah Really Right I. It's funny I'm Gonna. Things are going well for you that way for sure. And it's funny because Ryan Hoffman. Of course running shoe will now and and you're based out of there and it's just funny. How Youtube is bang bars ever? And now you're both making a living in the industry and everything else. I think that's pretty funny that you guys can't get away from each other no matter what you do. Yeah I know right I mean we spend that probably what ten to twelve years? Yeah being out you know what being in California or you know. He's doing what he's doing but then we all came right back together him managing the track. I started my little business doing suspension and the testing. And all that here. We are all back together again. And you know I'm doing Ryan stuff for him and I'm doing Brendan's his sons. And you know obviously Tommy Week. Tommy Tommy's bid Tom he's been a real big one big test or for me like you know. I'd like to try new things to try. That and and Tommy's great. He's very picky and and Very and it was nice to have him or even educate him even more to be more picky. Because the pick your then that means that something else I can that is good or bad or changing underway to change and that type of thing so that that aspect of things for me here local Gives me a real big variety of an outs- outside on everything for just the average rider? Can you still bounce stuff off? Rob You keep in touch with them. You can bounce some ideas off of you. Come up with something. I haven't talked to rob since. Gosh Dang it was Seattle two thousand fourteen. I think it was. I ran into him. I you know he was doing a lot. I think he was He might still been doing Suzuki Steph. Curry might have been worth. Ktm doing stuff. I haven't seen him for a while. Honestly I'm not sure I need to reach out to see I was doing and I haven't I haven't you know I just I'm busy with life. You know how you got your kids y trying to run small business and then now I haven't now okay so let's go on a time machine a little bit..

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