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We should I feel like we should we should talk to Logan about somehow tying tying this into whatever we do for the next summer special. I love this plan. Anyway, meanwhile, in our earth, the real world Allen Davis had as we said just ended his superlative run writing and drawing this book he had ended by tying up a lot of dangling plot threads and doing a great job of just sort of going back through pretty much all of clermont's history on the run at pulling from some other places to to give us this amazing amazing finale. So let's see what happens next because it's a superhero comic, something always. Happens next specifically Excalibur number sixty eight facades part one of a dead space. I guess this is plotted by Scott lobbed L scripted by dance slot penciled and colored by Steve Collado and inked by Harry Candelaria. And the story opens with captions informing us that between issues captain Britain got dragged off by temporal wave on the way back from earth, eight eleven whoops. What the hell? This is almost as bad as cyclops dying off screen in X men three which was easily in the top fifteen terrible things in X men three. I would argue that this is actually worse because there we at least had some surrounding context in here. It's just like oh. And by the way, this happened. I was so mad at this issue when I bought it when I was a kid because I loved captain Britain. I had the trade paperback of like the second half of his big run the one after Allen Davis that was by Jamie Delano. He'd become one of my favorite. Characters or at least my favorite sort of second tier characters and all of a sudden he was gone with barely any explanation. Also gone from the team is Meghan who is sufficiently upset by captain Britain's disappearance that she has taken leave in order to pursue a new full-time career of being sad in a waterfall. It's actually pretty cool. She sort of merged with the water of the waterfall, and it's just sort of staring off sadly into space, and it works pretty well. I'm not a huge fan of Steve book Lotto's art in this issue. But certain little bits work. And I think this is one of them, and I will say there is a grand plan for captain Britain disappearing in for Meghan getting semi catatonic like is not utterly without context. But still reading this month to month that sucked he's gonna come back with a mullet and a terrible codename, but pretty awesome costume that. I used to drawn notebooks and school all the time. I love that like righteous mullets are what you get. When you fall into the space time continuum for a while that. That sounds about. Right. Did the eighties? Come out of the space time continuum. I mean, I guess technically I was gonna say by definition. Yes. But anyway, one of our other lineup changes is that Micromax has suddenly joined the team, you know, the size changing guy who is working with secret agent issue organization f I six awhile back who there wasn't really that much interesting about. Yeah. He was kind of a jerk and boring and now he's on Excalibur and might be running it, or at least think that he is. Although nobody else really seems to agree Micromax does have one ally on the team. At least Keilan is staunchly in favor of Micromax is enthusiasm for fight training. And Micromax for his part is likewise unimpressed with x caliber all the files at six labeled. This team is the peculiar mutant team, you know, exploding bathrooms dinosaur d'appel ganders cross time Capers all. I've seen during my observation period is a bunch of angst ridden super types, all of whom are morbidly over obsessed with death speaking of which one of those super types. Kitty Pryde is currently falling apart because Ileana Rasputin her best friend is dying in America. This takes place, by the way, a bit before uncanny x men three three which we covered in episode two thirty. And this is something that's happened. A lot to kitty. I mean, not as much as it's happened to colossus, but still the people she cares about sort of dying off one by one. And that's going to continue to be a theme throughout a lot of her life. What she's got now that you won't have later, though, is Ferron kitty Pryde. I command you to stop crying. Don't you knock and be you can't just command a person to stop crying?.

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