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One johnny jake absent from the studio today is my silent co host arthur gabor's he's at daycare all day because papa's got a busy day but joining me in the studio or two completely different cute dogs we've got the host of the saas motte pod and my former guy code costar to people do not belong on that show julian mccullough and meg milan also fuck boy the fuck to be fair you had the look of someone who belonged on code whatnot yeah yeah not the sole myself i was neither pictures had long hair shoulder length hair at some point was i thinking i was on television i was going on camera would depending on your hair you look like you're on different drugs now i'm on fucking steroids and senator haircuts guy code you're definitely just straight up heroin house on my way out taking that non union money and just going ape on that hair ron guys we just were talking about on your podcast about smoking dope and then now look at us also when i met julian he was completely so yeah and we'd would have been the last thing i would have gone back for right you know i'm not really i know i'm not really a weed head is that what you call him yeah dead which hang out sorry aggressive fiction auto is that is that too personal question how how do you back in doing stuff you got you feel like you've got a handle on it now yeah i don't really know what you your poison was alcohol when i'm silver i'm real tight it's yeah it's not fun for me and it's not really fun for anybody else they do they tell you can get sober and also feel fancy free and i never got that part i just got to the part where i wasn't getting drunk ever yeah and it wasn't like fun at all right and then you're able to now like sort of adult wise yeah i know the other direction is way too bad for me as well yeah deep into every once in a while i go too far but for the most part it's not like because i'm old so it just can't do it i can't do it used to back when i i quit twenty nine i mean i thought i could never i write you know just like with for a minute ago you said do you know when you're about to go yeah we were also to all to be on guy meg i will include you in the conversation eventually we were too old to even be i lied about my age they told me to stop saying my wife and start saying my girl really just like to oh shit they just include you're on the wrong show like well just imagine you wanted to fuck a co worker you do i'm on like like this can i just be honest she's heard me tell the story the last season i went there i deliberately gave all like me to type answers and they were like they were like how do you get a girl out of your room in the morning when your leg don't wanna talk to her now they've had sex and i go well my strategy is i only sleep with people i like and then i don't have that problem and they're like we're not gonna be able to use that can you just say throw her out the window and also let's do another take just don't respect women in this it was funny because i i'm into that type of comedy of like just saying raunchy awful things if they are funny but then when people are like i'm getting actual advice from this he's seen who approaches me from that show still it's crazy notice still get there still and they're young now work because they were fucking fourteen when they were saying the friend zone is the worst thing teach boys that being of women's friend is the worst possible thing you can have is be be around a woman that you know the worst thing you can be gay and then a friend of women in that order no we were in vegas because julian was performing there and we want to get recognized for this essay and visit great when we walked all up and down the strip we went into i don't know probably six or seven different hotels gambled a.

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