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Both chevy dot com i four chicago been wrongfully imprisoned for their alleged involvement in a 1995 double murder during a robbery have filed a federal lawsuit accusing police in cook county prosecutors of coercion and withholding evidence the convictions of charles johnson murad styles will sean ezell intro sean mccoy were overturned in 2017 was seven years after new fingerprint evidence implicated a man known to have argued with the two victim shortly before their deaths the lawsuit names thirteen former should called the police detectives as defendants as well immigration reform is again being tied to president trump's proposed border wall at white house briefing budget director mick mulvaney said the administration's 2019 budget plan sent to congress today includes a deal that would help young immigrants if democrats agree to spending twenty five billion dollars over two years for a wall along the southern border and former president obama says that sitting down for his presidential portrait was it frustrating experience speaking at the paintings unveiling ceremony today at the national portrait gallery lou president obama said he normally hates posing and says he gets in patient and started looking at his watch he did tell the crowd however that working with the artist to was a great joy let's take a look at wgn sports swift kevin powell gear abby blackhawks hockey's on the air tonight hawks trying to end a fivegame losing streak will take on the lastplaced coyotes in phoenix anton forsberg the start in net and some good news on corey crawford he did practice today for the first time in nearly two months she's been out with an upper body injury chris boden's pregame in about an hour faceoff at eight with john in troy radi are aren't wgam bowls host the orlando magic tonight at the uc former white sox pitcher esteban little wiser arrested in san diego on drug trafficking charges he was caught with over forty pounds of suspected cocaine and pictures and catchers report this week i get us that further notice down out precise housing suspected okay what else can be well they just haven't exactly confirmed baking powder about this burger bar at the and it's a pitcher who made over forty million dollars in his career playing in the major league baseball but decided to sell drugs and stick well i mean it is it is he's he loves it.

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