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We're the only ones little never know and don't care. I, it's not aired. Yeah, I think they're going to edit them together and it's the, they'll do a little sh- many, many round up on FX x. was there wasn't anybody cool there that you got to meet that you were? Molly Shannon was presented. She was right, throw and like I, as I was like, coming back from do this whole conveyor belt when you if you win one and then you and then you like strategic points, they open the doors and let you back into your seats. And I was crossing and Molly Shannon was like, I made eye contact with her, and she was really sweet and nice and. I think you're asking what I'm answering, which is like Jimmy encounters with famous people that you just the ones you like just like if there were any moments where you're like, holy shit, I was talking to our Georgia. You know, they did this big Star Trek thing. So lavar Burton's up there and I'm like, I'm gonna fuck in mad dog until you. You know, like I'm gonna make eye contact with this guy because I was like right in the wings as coming back to the thing. Like as like an, I just looked at lavar Burton and waited for him to look at me as I walked past as he's not like he didn't look and he's blind, isn't he? Did he have his. Neves thing on, but it'd be so funny how amazing it was. It was a low risk, high yield thing. I was like, I'm gonna totally man. Dog lavar Burton and on the off chance that he liked looks at sea because he peripherally like experiences like this who staring at me. Like what if he had like while he's on stage go like, hey, and then like I had this fantasy in my head of like people be like what the fucks going on over there, like who is lavar Burton, like crouching down and hugging somebody who's that? Oh, that guy's got an EMMY. That's Dan Harmon. What? What mountains can't he climb. Is there any get an EMMY ways who is the. Gonna look this guy up. Oh, is a pedophile. Damage. Damage on such a great run. Can you sit up? Can you explain what is the lavar Burton thing he he was. He was at your podium for a while..

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