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Tonight and Walmart now suspending sales of Zantac and generic forms of heartburn medication occasion because of concerns over a cancer causing chemical and tonight the FDA now saying new limited testing shows levels of that chemical end e. m. a. r. unacceptably high. I finally tonight here. America strong the eleven year old who has already proven how tough she is and her heroes. They're pretty tough to but they also have carts eleven year old. Layla Anderson has always been a fighter and a fan of the Saint Louis Blues Hockey team battling a rare life-threatening autoimmune disease what gets Tur- through it is fighting hard at her saint. Louis Blues one hundred days after her bone marrow transplant ringing debt tree bill better than any hat-trick says. Let's bring that Cup home doctors at the Saint Louis Children's hospital hospital finally telling her mom. It was okay for something else. Swear you get to go. I guess is it a blues game you about to meet her heroes. Who Tell her she is the hero when they they won their first Stanley Cup ever this year Leila on the ice and tonight even before they kick off their new season she had no idea they were coming to visit later Friday with a box just for her a championship ring for Layla Laidlaw to a kiss embiid question beautifully beautifully deflate. That ring looks pretty good on your Leila. I'm David Muir hope to see you right back here. Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes set up screener questions. Then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash tonight. That's indeed dot com slash tonight..

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