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Mike best way to do. It is the way you've been doing dion. Instagram am underscore heck jr. You can also find me on twitter at mike heck underscore and that'll do it. You have see bakes. we do a quick special segment. I'm sorry. I didn't mean spring this on you. The special special segment. Yes i call this a work in progress the name. Let's call this the last match and will debut this week because we had a couple of fighters who retired this week. Who if they stick to their retirement. This is maybe the last time we ever see them in. Mma everyone does it. Benefit is Carlos condit so I think condit's name has popped up more on our show than vitas. I don't know i don't recall. Benefit popping up as often in conduct definitely someone. We saw a lot of potential match. It a lot of people wanna see you know running back with robbie lawler bacteria as a lot of legends matches for him so but guy. There are officially. I think shutting the door and then for mass speaking purposes. I know. I don't think anyone missed this news so Happy trails happy trails to to the most entertaining high level. Almost universally liked fighters. I don't know anyone really who's interviewed them or worked with them That has like a poor word to say about them so That's this is the last match for these guys until you know. Hopefully hopefully they're on to better things and not Not during alkyl boxing. We're fight circus. That's yes Well said i approve of said segments And there's a couple of other names we should probably throw in there as well luke. Sanders announced retirement so happy trails to him. Look sanders you'll see better. And he's he he. He had us. He put his time in there. He put his time in in their yup and a big shot to another former. Ufc veteran and ended his career a two division. Cbs champion map set announces retirement. I did not know that. Yes after his inverted triangle. Arm bar slick. Asa mission win over ryan delacruz at sixty four. He announced his retirement. Right after the. Drop the gloves and everything. I need to do so good on that beset. Napa set one of the first people in the sport to give me an opportunity to interview him what he was bell tower at the time he was just rolling through and this is a guy who missed so many years just kept winning fights and finishing fights. Everyone's wondering one. Is this guy going to get his shot. One guy going to get a shot goes on the contender series gets finished by kurt. Hollow another guy who were like. When's he gonna get his chance to get back to the ufc there and then beset gets a shot at ufc. Boston goes oh into a couple of really competitive fights and goes on ends career the way that he wanted to and then carlos condit i mean good lord aka how we throw win certain fighters you see him and you just like that dude is about that life when i saw carlos condit fight for wbz. The first time. I was like that dude is about that life and i was immediately host young so yeah i didn't know going out on top that's always great to hear. And and for all these guys. Karl condit joseph benefit as luke sanders and say. Look if we see them fight against someday great. We welcome them with open arms but Hopefully these are. Mma retirements that stick and these guys are able to move onto the next stage their lives with with their health. Mostly intact and Any news we hear them. The future is is nothing but good news about their. You know they're they're a business and personal endeavors while said so. You have see vegas thirty seven in the books at least from a matchmaking perspective. Join us next week because we got a big show. Everybody we've got a big show in fact which is something. I didn't even know until brennan fitzgerald mentioned it on the card on saturday. We're going to be here for the next nine weeks. Whoo last night or saturday night was the first of ten consecutive saturdays for the sea. So we're not going to be taking a break anytime soon. So stick with us. Get excited because next week. The of is back on pay per view. Ufc two sixty six exciting card. Three five round fights. two title fights headlined by alexander. Volkov ski bursts. Brian ortega balancing shevchenko defends. Her flyweight title. Against lauren murphy. And a lot of people just feel like bouncing to go in there and just steamroller and murphy i. Lauren is a maga. she's alive dog. But i think she i think she gives valentina a little bit of a tougher fight than people think. She's just a she likes to make fights dirty and grimy. i think that's i think valentine will win. I'm not gonna go crazy. But i feel like lauren is going to be more competitive than people think. Of course the rematch. Seventeen years in the making robbie lawler versus nick diaz five rounds non-title only the second time this has happened in ufc history. We've got curtis blades versus giardina roseanne. Strike just on. Drudge versus cynthia. Caviar huge pfeiffer. Cynthia cavallo i. If she wins she could get a title shot despite coming off of a loss to kaitlin keagan in her previous fight featured prelims marl. Mariah's versus douala's willie holy cow. That is a crazy fight. Hopefully we get dan. Hooker versus nasdaq hawks. Shamila brahima versus chris. Dacas roxanne modifier tyler santos men and fiero versus myra bueno silva we'll see the you've debut of diaz protege nick maximov taking on karl rogerson euros taken on jalen turner matthew symbols burger versus martin. Say no and kicking things off at least as it appears right now owned morales taking on jonathan pearce in the featherweight division and. That's a pretty fun card ak some nice early prelims. Nice early prelims. Yes so we have a nice long night ahead of us and we're excited for it. I'm i'm very excited for this card. Aka this is. You've said this is the year of okinawa. This is the year that he gets everybody's radar speaking of disrespect. It off ski. Might be the most underrated fighter in the sport right now. I'll just say one of our panelists. A rogue panelists. You might say. I think anyone if anyone's followed like any of our programming probably this out but i still try to maintain some element of mystery one of our. I think our road pal has him. Fourth. what am i crazy is that is that not real. You keep talking about. How regis that could be wild. Look this up. Do you have the reckonings staying blowing up right. Now i will. I'm a click away. I'm a click away. I if you look at our rankings. Someone has him behind holloway they do. Aj mckee and brian ortega. Oh my lord this is a thing. This is real. This is real and isn't the same rogue panelist who has a man amanda nunez not ranked number one at one hundred thirty five bucks. This this is another forty five minutes..

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