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Clinic now and put a stop to your e d 480535 1000. Arizona's Morning news. The Valley's only all news morning show. 6 24 81 degrees in Goodyear. I'm Jamie West and Sports are known as the Great equalizer. The thing that brings us all together and lifts us up for some is the miracle on ice or the 2001 World Series. For At least one Valley man is the 2021 Sons playoff team and the sons will move on to the Western Conference finals. David is a lifelong Suns fan from Glendale in this team is one of the things that kept him going during the pandemic. I run amusement machines and bars, and so my business was shut down, and it was difficult. But then the songs went in the bubble, and they went on it. Eight. No one and gave me hope and encouragement is the shop. True, David went on to tell our sister station 98 7 FM Arizona Sports Stations Sons postgame show on Tuesday the just as he was coming out of the pandemic. Tragedy struck again in April, I was involved in a fairly serious motorcycle accident involving the semi truck and I had an eight week battle and they ended up taking my right leg. But despite the turbulence and hardship the sons were always they're going through all this stuff. One of the great things was The sons were playing and I've been at Sun stand my whole life. And after Game two's last minute alley oop from Sun Center DeAndre Ayton David felt a relief that he hadn't in a long time. You're on your own basket counts, watching the game with my parents, and I'll tell you what. When, when eight and planned it down. There was the first time In months that I didn't feel pain in my leg, and I was just so excited and enjoyed the moment and now win or lose. All David wants is for this team to know Just how much this run really means. It's not just that gives you hope it changes your attitude. And it gives you an excitement to light one is all over and the crowd will let you know what happened. Taylor interrupt key to argue. And after hearing, uh After hearing David Story the son sent him a sign DeAndre eight in Jersey. Wow, past. So tour. It is 6 26. And now detour Dan from the Valley Chevy Dealers. Traffic Center. Thank you, sir. Let's get to it. It's a pretty good looking Friday morning. We have a crash list that was cut in half. We're down to three surface street items is off.

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