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We look you had on what process they were bottling lemonade this morning now obviously that ice cream has to come from somewhere there's a four right outside of beaver stadium here a dairy for four hundred fifty head of cattle two hundred twenty of which getting milked every day so i go over there check that out myself a moment travis of joy showed me out a milk those cattle it was an interesting moment and i would say likely unprecedented on sports center television there's a certain whether there's a there's a form like this great rolling you know you got to have the ball appear good pass and opened the door open the door closed the door all those things well there's a top to bottom form when your milk in the cal paul faa ball his jonathan's left over here by the way he's try not to hear y'all for y'all we'll just for the record we are we are laughing are tale of two there is a certain form in the way the milk the kale and apparently mastered it you're a great count milkers marty i have milked one cal and you have to be careful because if you if you go to do it right you'll get your head kicked out but uh i'm struggling to come up with a legitimate question after the dairy farm whisperer there yeah you know i don't understand that views marty because i didn't see you getting a whole lot of milk out of that i mean look like a built on his k of milk st strike the kale had stage fright laura i can't help that all if we're gonna have a great moment everybody's got to step up with their eightgame i can help the cows she orcre marty they're telling its la form was impeccable they're telling uses segment cannot go on any longer we we like 10 table breaking down alabama is going to be better net.

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