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They need to be guilted that need to be silent sit down shut up and listen they're browbeaten and then someone like, Kamala. Harris comes in and talks about how hard she has it when there is verifiable proof that she benefited from slavery and kind of like the low Jones Kamala Harris could use it both ways dye her hair blonde, your none, the wiser doing I don't. Bring that Lolo, Jones Olympics she was at the Biracial athlete and I just watched the recent documentary. She's like hair Brown. By racial now, shing there you go. There's Lolo Jones Olympics now let's look at Lolo Jones today. I don't know if we can find a picture of a little today she looks like she's picking up a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and my point is that's that's Oh Yeah. Totally. Different person. Her playboy. Side to that Coin Kamala Harris could do the same to use it. All right. Here's another issue. As a prosecutor, we're talking about black lives matter in the riots, the violent riots. She kept inmates jailed for longer to use them as cheap labour. She supported the death penalty, which may surprise people and she incarcerated over fifteen hundred people for marijuana offenses. So if we're talking about moving the needle forward for the heads who just WanNa get blitzed she too is not your candidate can you explain to this this to people who may not be up on the the nerdiness of the the prison sentences yeah. I mean, I think that the basic scenario there was that nonviolent offenders were supposed to be eligible for parole after serving half their sentence because if got crowded prisons CETERA and she wanted to keep him in to use for cheap labor. So essentially another. A. Another form of slavery. Right you. Might say yeah she's she's continuing the tradition goes to groups of people. I mean. What's interesting about that is that traditionally you're going to see at least even with trump you've seen a lot of attacks about him being the law and order president and right kind of you know doing not not that actually it was twenty as he even he doesn't do that. Right? Right you know he's not well, he did the was it the What was your name? Alice. Marie Johnson. and His his first step act was actually one of the first steps towards changing the laws on harsh sentences for nonviolent offenders. Right. But at that time, the laws were the laws the judges need to do. They need to do the only one who really had a lot of discretion. Certainly, judges had some with regards to evidence or you know sentencing, but it came down to the prosecutors. It came down to the district attorney for the city San Francisco and what they were doing and how they decided to not only bring cases but what sentences they were asking for..

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