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And I want to be your jeweler New York City mayor Bill de Blasio said security will remain vigilant at Saint Patrick's cathedral after a man was arrested. There with flammable materials, we have a substantial security presence around Saint Patrick's. We're gonna make sure of course, that's continuous. He says the NYPD has an identified any specific or ongoing threat to Catholic churches, and that he considers this an isolated incident. A New Jersey man is facing charges for showing up at the cathedral on Wednesday with cans of gasoline, and lighters. Securities expected to be tight at houses of worship this weekend. Especially in light of the fire at the Notre Dame cathedral this week as well as he coming Passover and Easter holidays. The National Enquirer is being sold for one hundred million dollars to the CEO of Hudson. News Tom Roberts has more James Cohen has reportedly purchased the tabloid along with two sister publications from parent company. American media the decision to sell came after the hedge fund manager who's from runs. American media became discouraged by the companies reporting practices. American media has faced harsh criticism over the Enquirer's efforts to help President Trump led by CEO, David pecker, a longtime friend of Trump. Hudson news is one of the largest book and magazine distributors in the northeast US, Tom Roberts, NBC News Radio. Colorado police have ended their search of a landfill. The of a woman who went missing last thanksgiving. Investigators had been out at the landfill and fountain Colorado since February hoping to find the body of Kelsey Beth they stopped the search this week without finding her remains or any evidence related to her death. The twenty nine year old was last seen on thanksgiving. Police believe she's dead. Her fiance. Patrick crazy has been charged with their murder the Weather Channel claims. It was the victim of a malicious software. Attack on the network that force it off the air the channels morning show..

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