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Funniest is not funniest thing but i did see like outside of trump's office. They the baden kamla inauguration or biden harris banner putting it up as we prepare for the inauguration so every day go man look here calling so fucking man. He's hot man. Put trump on suicide. Watch brand yeah. They say he's he's trying to go back to florida to you. Know should together and try to revitalize his career so he's so do you think that they're gonna vote to not let them run again because we didn't. He was impeached again. I think that that is part of the effort behind trump has single handedly destroy the republican party. I just don't. I was telling my wife was like this man. Got the republicans look like democrats and i. It's just amazing. They let let it go on his so. I think that's why. Mitch mcconnell punit. The trials to after the inauguration. They don't have control of the senate and so that means that is the easier. I'll believe get a conviction running again. So but all they do is vote for him not to be able to run again. I don't think they need a conviction. I don all day to do was just both not let him have any sort of government office ever again interesting. I could be wrong now. If convicted they take away all his own. I think you said not. Without the need a conviction they can vote and the second impeachment from what i read. The second impeachment removes all his his soldiers meeting meeting discussions secret service again. Yes definitely yes. The team tried to remove all of that but in order for him to not be able to run or hold any order other public office. I thought all they did was vote. Fortin yeah Yeah i've gotten that far in all of their stuff. That i read listen to so that will be interesting. Eczema happens because i know i know a lot of people are a hot hot with this dude. Turn against everything. Yeah he did Penalty thirty row. I hope as contest to the us capitol rice. I'm not. I am not a washington dc native but i went to college in. Dc from two thousand fourteen two thousand eighteen and worked as a journalist until this past november demolish. The reason why washington dc mayor. Muriel bowser the cameras that the capital is considered federal property. And not under washington dc jurisdiction..

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