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Now. Congressman Scott Perry from Pennsylvania is outlining what he thinks will happen. Once this bill hits the house floor. They're gonna be fractured at some point on the other side of the aisle on my my friends on the left there, but I think it is you Release in the House Speaker Pelosi's gonna get them in line. This is about paying off political friends and beating your opponents into submission. Yeah, now the president will be in Pittsburgh to unveil the details. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki previewed the speech, saying Tuesday that the president will argue for new spending on highways, railways and bridges. But On infrastructure geared toward the future, like expanding broadband access. This speech is really about his vision, his vision for creating jobs, good paying union jobs and really investing in the industries of the future, But he thinks it's responsible for the responsible thing to do to propose. Ah, way to pay for that, over time. The expected focus is on a $3 trillion plan for infrastructure. But also another trillion on human infrastructure, including money for social programs that will attempt to address income inequality. And Jessica Rosenthal Fox News, All right, your thoughts 51283605 like Yes, for is 300 bucks for child. That's that's worked in here. Which is gonna you know, not be. Ah, good thing psychologically, that's that's for sure. Let me push back on you. You said 300 bucks per child. It's 300 bucks per child. Every month forever Right now, I just want to be clear. Oh, yeah. He made it sound like it was a one. No, no, no, This is just this is forever. So it's going to be incentive to have more kids every in North Austin. Good morning. Good morning, guys. Yeah, This'll whole thing's not so we're gonna You there, Henry. What happened? Call us back, Henry. Something with happy with the phone line there. Just just cut out on 51283605 90 toll free 8775905525. Hey, this is interesting. New York City Well, New York is set to become the next state to legalize recreational marijuana. Governor Andrew Cuomo says he'll sign a bill that passed the state legislature right late last night. The bill would make cannabis legal And generate revenue with 13% sales tax. It's expected to bring in about $350 million a year for this state and create about 60,000 jobs. Now..

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