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May force Minnesota into having to take a three with fifteen seconds to go is good. Minnesota down three. It's an eleven four. Rutgers Rudd sixty seven sixty six sixty three. No, it wasn't a timeout. Excuse me. There was exchanged on the made free throw fifteen seconds ago. Your call Mike Cal sure is six for six. That's the guy. You gotta look for here media three fifteen seconds to go in the game. Gophers down three Coffey gives to Murphy back to Coffey. Amir works into the baseline picks up the dribble. Fires Murphy goes up. Got hit. No call now. Elat whistle and Bopha roused calls. A foul. Murphy will have three free throws. Why were stood there? Sook his head. No foul Bobrovsky came in from under the basket to make the call. Now, they're gonna look to see if it was three attempt to retool. It looks to be a three attempt. And so this will give Patino of free time out here with five point two seconds left. Murphy can tie it. If he makes all three he has struggled mightily though on the last couple of games to for four today to for eight the other day four for his last twelve at the line. It's just. Terry ymer? What Murphy made the three two right, right? I didn't say in the live action. If Bobrovsky swallows the whistle tied right now. Ymer said no foul. I mean, you know, it is what it is. I thought it was a fall. But it could have been the question is is it a four point play. Right. Should this should the basket count three free? Throws. Right. Didn't it? Go in. Well after the they've been called the whistled the final step back shot. Correct. Correct. All right. So now, this'll be allowed building Murphy. Story was against Michigan. Neither team has a tie. Excuse me. Ruckus has one time out left. Gophers have the possession arrow. Three free throws. I one in the air airball Dearborn. The first one. Plenty of time gotta make these to focus on these two solo position with five point two seconds left. Once the inbound the ball, you can try to follow trap makes the second one two point game. He might try to miss on purpose. Here's fence diet too. Bright, sixty six sixty four spry Steve piles not using his time out here. He may not want Pacino to set anything up here. Either. So Murphy will probably try to miss this. We think down to five seconds to go. Hi arcane is short rebound comes off to McConnell. He's followed by Murphy and McConnell, or who was there to we just missed time too. He was able to step in front of O'Connell and get in a position to get the rebound just a little too high. As he missed time the job now. Rutgers will go to the line up to two free throws three point eight seconds left who makes them both. The gophers will have lost for a seventh straight time on the road and McConnell is seventy four percent free. Throw shooter on the year has not attempted one yet here this evening. This is two shots. Double bonus. Minnesota without a timeout. Free. Throw is good. This one can put it away. It's a three point game. Now McDonnell would five. Sixty seven sixty four four the win for sure here for Rutgers free. Throw is good point game sixty eight sixty four inbound. In the backboard mcbrayer will bring it up his three from the left side is no good and Rutgers gets the win at home. The golden gophers of loss for a seventh straight time on the road. Rutgers sixty eight minutes sodas, sixty four the post game show is coming up. This is golden gopher basketball from learfield. IMG college. I can't believe it. We're in an elevator.

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