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Nobody fucking goes to the movies. No one knows about fashion. And it's so weird how these industries keep popping up that literally didn't exist, and then overnight become the end, I'll be like Instagram saying culture the Kardashians. Like, they've really were the start of the new era of industries that rule pop culture because when they came around and movies stopped being interesting to people it's almost like we all can only collectively as society of attention for one thing four doing all the parts they like really just kind of like profited off some those already going on. But they like further. Yeah. We'll. Instagram influence era that we live in now where like vine those like YouTube stars like there are YouTube stars with like fifty million people. Culture is totally interesting now my sister, and I were in the mall of the sponsorship models. Jackie I flown out by lake for Sachi. Yeah. This show in Bonn. And you know, how big of a deal it is to be a black person first off flown out to like fashion show. And then also be known for being a beauty. She's the only one though. Well, but that's what's interesting to me. Like, I remember my sister the store that always was really the first time. I realized that my era of pop culture had ended like my touchstone of pop culture was over was I was in the mall with my sister in like two thousand fifteen and that point she was like sixteen or seventeen. Right. I was in college. I was like in my twenties, and we were in the mall, and all of a sudden she like stifles the scream, and I was like what? And she's like you have no idea this super famous vine star is like right behind my. And I have no idea who it was. I mean, you're asking me a question that already escaped my mind. Children all the time. And she would like he's really big on musically. Like, everyone loves him. And all these girls have him as like their phone screen backgrounds. Like they have pictures of him in their lockers. I was like oh my God. Here. It is like I have aged out of pop culture. Now, like a new industry is here. And I have no idea about anything. It's all different to like I've seen like that. My job some as we're with kids like the slime and all that shit. And they talk about like, yeah. The same type of people there into them. Just like these are your idols like. Yeah. I feel like it's going to be funny when movie stars and like being into movies is the same thing as being into fashioned is right now where it's like seen as like an archival hobby where you have to have all this like weird 'insider knowledge. Like people they wanted you like legitimate things like in media because the girl that really pop they young black kids clean, nausea, or something. She have a huge huge couple channel or some shit. I don't know what her boyfriend they were popping off of that. And then she started singing, and then she was already saying there's all these days now that come from you get most of that. And now she's like in like, Shawn Mendez. Our most recent F, I know soul ciphers sinew with Kelly price like the fucking soul train awards. She's saying with coming right? Yes. The gross dragged. Oh god. I remember a conversation with someone and I mentioned Kelly price, and the only Reverend advocacy price was that lady on cash being called fat ass Kelly. Like the number six song in the country. Right now is all I want for Christmas. Is you with features heavy background vocals Kelly. Kelli Bryce Bill, but it's so weird. How like we age out of things that people only know things from references to references. Mike writer, and like, I don't know. I mean disrespectful. Stupid idiot. Never find Tony is because I'm Tony. What's have what's going on?.

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