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Right now for a commercial demand a factor here is the cold all morning news Franklin sees it the other day president trump claims he has the legal right to intervene in the justice department's handling of criminal cases in a tweet trump also insisted that he has so far chosen not to that came after Attorney General bill bars complained to the trump's tweets to make it impossible to do his job White House chief economist Larry Kudlow says the trump administration plans to roll out new middle class tax cuts this fall in an interview with fox business news Kudlow said the move will cut ten percent overall from the middle class and president trump wants to strengthen some other tax cuts as well presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is issuing an apology for the stop and frisk policy when he was the mayor of New York City the apology was given during Bloomberg's Mike for black America campaign in Houston yesterday Bloomberg said she should have acted sooner to stop the policy and didn't adding for that I apologize the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault trial will be in the hands of the jury now after closing arguments yesterday ABC news correspondent investigative reporter caricature skews with us right now good morning Erin good morning to you already won thirteen will into or the prosecutor's closing statement and just a little while and then the jury will get the case on Tuesday but in their defense close the the the deed defense attorneys tried to turn the case on its head portraying the victims only as victims by the prosecutors fictional standards like the screen writer that maybe Harvey Weinstein used to interview the defense said that the prosecutors on this tale to to take away a women's empowerment in in the prosecutor's world they said women don't have control over who they work with who they party with who they go home with and instead are just made out to be victims where as they say the relationships with Harvey Weinstein for consensual it almost sounded as if the that attorney for winds dean was accusing these women of something without coming out and saying it that's where you can test the goal right they acted without calling it victim shaving may have to blame the victim they have to say that they put these women quicken cells in a situation where a powerful man like Harvey wants to you couldn't help but think that all these women wanted him because of his of his power and influence and the defense even said that anytime anyone asks for help Harvey Weinstein said yes for the defense didn't say is any job in a bathrobe at your hotel room and come after you as the women said on the witness stand and so what was consensual in the eyes of the defense for something far different in the eyes of of the the accusers sorry there thanks for the update maybe CZ Erin to Turkey with us again the jury gets the case on Tuesday at komo news time now seven fifty.

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